Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week 27

Math problems with Mobi

Several weeks ago we started doing open ended math word problems. We work the problems together in small groups and then use the Mobi to show our work.

Mobi math practice

You can see where each group is able to work out their problem on the board. We all share how we worked the problem. The kids are doing a great job with this and they're also learning how hard it really is to write with a Mobi.
Screen with multiple Mobis

Chemistry candle

We did an experiment this week in chemistry. The kids mixed a solid and a liquid to form a gas. They did this and then used the gas to put out the flame of a candle. We had a 50/50 success rate so the groups that accidentally pour liquid on the candle will get to try again at a later date.


Versatiles and Surface Area

One of our math groups used Versatiles and Unifix cubes this week to calculate surface area. We built the shapes and then counted up the exposed sides. This was a little challenging for most of the students in this group.


Thursday we took a class field trip to see High School Musical performed by Sparkman High School. The actors did a wonderful job. I was really impressed. It was obvious that they had been working very hard to make this a successful show.




The students who purchased a "swag bag" were able to go on stage with the actors to dance at the end. If you look real close you might be able to see some of our students in this picture.

It was a lot of fun for me too because there were several of my former students in the play. It was great to see them!


After the play we went to Ci Ci's pizza for lunch.

When we returned one of our class pets looked different. She had her egg sack out so it looks like we'll be having cockroach babies soon!

The week ended with a Friday morning spent in the hallway under multiple tornado warnings. The students weren't happy to be in the hallway but I kept reminding them that was the safest place to be. Several tornados came close but the school wasn't in the direct path of the storm. We were able to get everyone home safely.

STUDENTS: We had a very busy week! What was your favorite part of the week? Why was it your favorite?


  1. I had a tie. One is going on our field trip because I love Ci Ci's pizza and I like going to see plays.My other one was I enjoyed the experiments because it was really fun and it taught us more on how to make better observations. Also one of the reasons I like experiments is because they help us understand our lessons better.
    That is what I enjoyed this week.:)

  2. I liked the field trip. I thought it was hilarious for some reason. Ci ci's was croweded and Dakota was on a sugar rush........ I also have a video of a funnel cloud that I saw outside of our neighborhood.

  3. ^^^^^^^that one was Emma^^^^^^^^^

  4. claudia martinez ;] ;]March 4, 2012 at 12:59 PM

    my favorite part of the week was when we left for the field trip and went to Ci Ci pizza.

  5. i liked cici's because i like pizza

  6. Mine was when we went to see the musical and CiCi's pizza I like pizza and I like plays.

  7. the experiment because i was successful by Mr.wade the one and only

  8. My favorite part was when we went to see the musical and went to CiCi's Pizza. I like to see different types of plays.

  9. I had a tie. It's between the Field Trip and the tornadoes.Field trip because I got to dance with the cast and I had a ball at CiCi's. The tornadoes because they saved the girls from watching the always changing video.

  10. Tanya My favorite part of the week was when we on the feild trip and going to CiCi's pizza the was fun Yay!

  11. My favorite thing that we did was the field trip. I love plays, and I enjoyed the pizza. It was alot better than I thought it would be.


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