Friday, March 9, 2012

Week 28

Cartesian Plane

This was another full week! We started off with a flipbook about the Cartesian plane. We put graph paper on the inside to help the students remember how to graph ordered pairs.

Cartesian plane

Finding articles

Mrs. Arredondo, our reading coach, came in and did a lesson with us about author's purpose. We knew all about PIE (persuade, inform, and entertain) but she helped us add a few more, XN. So now we have PIEXN to help us remember the author's purpose.

Author's purpose

Surface area

In math groups this week we practiced finding surface area. The kids used Unifix cubes to build shapes and then counted the faces to calculate surface area. They found that it was difficult to keep count so they used an expo to make a mark on each face as they counted.

More surface area

Using Author's purpose

After our author's purpose lesson we decided to write with a purpose in mind. Each student got a doughnut (thanks to TJ)! We were in groups and each student had to pick a different purpose and write a paragraph about their doughnut. We ended up with some great papers about them.
Amerrit and his donut

How to blow a bubble

We also finished our writing about how to blow a bubble. The kids wrote paragraphs explaining how to blow a bubble with bubble gum. Caleb read his paper to us and we all had a piece of bubble gum. We tried to blow a bubble using his directions. Some of us were successful. Thanks to Caleb for not forgetting to tell the reader to remove the wrapper from the gum.

How to blow a bubble

This is our hallway display of the how to blow a bubble papers. I think they turned out really cute!


Iodine chemistry

Friday we did another chemistry experiment. The kids have been using the same 6 powders and doing tests to learn about each. Today we used iodine to test for starch. If starch is present the mixture turns black. Next week we will be using the information we have gathered to test a mystery mixture of two powders. We'll see how well we have done if everyone is able to identify the mixture they are given.

Testing with iodine

Smart pals are here

I won a set of SmartPals for the classroom in Facebook from EAI Education. They came in Friday afternoon and I'm looking forward to using these with the class.

STUDENTS: We had lots of different activities going on this week. We focused on author's purpose this week. Your job this week is to write a paragraph (at least 5 sentences) about something that happened in our classroom. We will read these next week and try to guess the author's purpose. Remember, we have 2 new ones so try not to use the same purpose as someone that has already posted. What was the author's purpose for this blog post?


  1. What we did that week was we did some author's purpose with Mrs. Arredondo.Authors purpose is P.I.E.X.N persuade,inform,entertain ,express,and narrate.Also we did some real fun experiment.We used iodine,BTB and all different powders.Also we did a donut paragraph that dealed w/authors purpose.We where very busy that week!

  2. we did alot that i missed but the blog is about our chemistry expiement,math and our fiday mainly

  3. Aviana LoLo smiley face :)March 11, 2012 at 2:27 PM

    Last week we did athor's purpose with Mrs.Arredondo she taught us more about P.I.E which stands for pursuade,inform and entertain she added two more things to P.I.E which are X and N which stands for express and narrate. We also wrote a donut pargraph and some of us shared our bubble pargraph. P.S look for our bubble pargraphs in the hall way.

  4. Last week we did added our Iodine to part to our expeiriment. Then we did a paragraph on donuts. All of the class were really wanting that donut because we couldn't eat until the test,then the donut paragraph, and then you could eat it. We also worked on our authors purpose with Mrs. Arredondo. Thats what we did all last week.

  5. Last week we did different experiments.I love it when we do experiments.Experiments make me feel like I'm a true scientist.The experiments we've done so far have all been really fun. Thank you Mrs.White for letting us do so many experiments that I've really enjoyed

  6. Last week we did some of experiments.And we also talked about authors purpose.And we had to look in newspapers and magizense .And when we did the expiriments we had to make obstervations.And that week I had fun.Amerrit

  7. We did author's purpose with Mrs.Arrendondo. We have learned 2 new author's purpose persuade,inform,entertain,express,and narrate. We did some expririments with Mrs.White. We used alot of powders with BTB and Idione. We had to mix the powders with the liquids and we had to make observations to tell what happend during the time we mixed them together. I had idione all over my fingers I'm glad it came off. The blog post that Mrs.White made was to inform you about what we did in class.

  8. claudia martinez ;] ;]March 12, 2012 at 6:45 AM

    last week we talked about authors purpose.Mrs. Arredondo came in and talked about it with us.I feel that after that i get authors purpose more. I will try harder on my tests. Also i will do good on my bench mark.

  9. leighAnna!!!!!!!!!!March 12, 2012 at 3:00 PM

    Last week we learned two more authors purpose.Mrs.Arredondo came to teach them,and she also talked about pie, but she added expess and narrate.My favorite thing about mrs.Arredondo's lesson was that we got to cut out things from some graphic sources and etc.I wish she could come every day with diffrent activities.I hope in the long run this lesson will help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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