Friday, November 30, 2012

Week 15- Measurement & Artists

This week we started learning about idioms. We have a list we are learning the meaning of. So this week I had two students wear shirts to go along with our idioms. Ananda wore her "Let's Go Bananas" shirt because we are learning that go bananas means to go crazy.

Go bananas! Idiom

Brooks pointed out that his shirt shows how the Angry Birds get hot under the collar.

Hot Under the Collar

We learned how to convert customary measurement this week too. Check out our brain dumps. What is a brain dump? It is a visual representation of the concept we are learning. The kids learn these and write them down from memory to be able to convert measurement.

Inches to Miles
Inches to miles

Ounces to Tons
Oz to tons

Fluid Ounces to Gallons- Way to go Ryan L. for coming up with this one! I have always used the big G brain dump and it was a different format to convert measurement. Ryan came up with this brain dump so it is the same as the others we were learning. It really helped the students to see how to convert capacity.

Fl oz to gal

Want to see how we used our brain dumps to convert measurement? Check out my ShowMe video!

Of course we had our silly moments! This week we had an assembly and the students who sold tumblers were able to pick our prizes. I sold some tumblers too so I was able to pick a few prizes myself. Check out our mustaches!


Then when playing idioms charades, Brady hid under the desk to act out "in the doghouse".

Acting out idioms

Our reading story this week was about Leonardo da Vinci so we studied several different artists. Today the kids used the style of their favorite artist to create their own self portraits! Check out a few of them. They really did a great job!

Self portrait 1

Self portrait 2

Self portrait 3

STUDENTS: Tell us what you learned about your favorite artist this week.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Week 14- Cell Cakes

This was a short week but we had a lot of fun! Today we made cell cakes. Parent volunteers sent in cakes for the students to use to create a cell. Each group had time to meet and decide what type of candy to bring to represent each organelle we learned about.

Cell cakes

As you can see, they had a lot of fun making their cells!

Cell cakes 2

Plant cell cake

Check out our completed cell cakes!

Cake 1
Cake 1

Cake 2
Cake 2

Cake 3
Cake 3

Cake 4
Cake 4

Cake 5
Cake 5

Turkey 1

We also drew a turkey using Activity TV's T is for Turkey.

Turkey 2

After they drew the picture I had the students write about their favorite Thanksgiving food. Mine was my mother in law's dressing!

Turkey 3

We also did a little something different with writing today. Normally teachers have students write what they are thankful for. I gave the students a topic and they had to tell me why they are thankful for that item.

Thankful for...

Some of the topics included shoes, band-aids, clocks, chairs, and fire drills.

Thankful for...

Thanks to Mrs. Reasner for sharing this activity! It was a different way to write about things we are thankful for.

Thankful for...

STUDENTS: Look at the pictures above and see what number your cake is. Tell us what number your cake is. Write about one of the organelles and the candy you used to represent it. What does that organelle do in a real cell?

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Week 13- My Teacher is Missing & Math Apps

Math Apps

This week I went to a math workshop and got some great things to share. Our math coach shared some iPad task cards she made so I thought I'd feature them on my blog this week. You can purchase her task cards on Click this link! iPad and Math by Haley James

I want to show you a screen shot of each app that goes along with the task cards.

Population Matters
Population Matters

MLB at Bat

MLB at Bat

National Geographic Park Guides

National Parks National parks 2

Measure Map

Measure Map

While I was learning today my kids wrote about me. I left a "My Teacher is Missing" writing assignment. I'm going to share a couple here.

Missing Teacher by Raina

When I came to school I noticed my teacher was missing. I looked everywhere for her. I went to the other classes and looked for her. Then the principal came and asked why I was out of class. And I told her that my teacher was missing. The principal said what! And so we looked outside. But there was something strange, we saw her car. So she had to be in the school somewhere inside the school. Then we called the police. They were coming over to the school. So they came and helped us look. We still couldn't find her. Then all of the sudden my friend said she found blood. But it was just cranberry juice. So we followed the tracks. It went into the teacher's work room. It was my teacher. She was getting all the Dr. Peppers.

Missing Teacher by Ryan L

It was just another typical day: getting ready for school, ride the bus there, and go to class. When I got there, though, we had a substitute. Most people thought she was sick so I did to. Then, a week passed and we realized she had to have been kidnapped. That afternoon I put up "MISSING" signs all over the city. Later, I put together a group of kids called the SSK, that stands for Secret School Kids. One of the kids found something that looked like an alien space ship. He called me and told me to come imidiatly. When I saw the ship I thought our teacher must be inside. Some kids didn't want to come in because they were scared but that was ok. When we got there we split up. The place was kind of high tec and greenish. Then I came to a door that said "teacher chamber." I thought that must be where she was. It was locked though. So I stole the key and unlocked the door. There was my teacher! She was tied up and so I untied her. I told the others and we all came out of the ship. We went to school and celebrated! Then everything was back to normal.

STUDENTS: We have been using the iPads in class every week. What is your favorite app to use at school? Why is it your favorite? Don't forget to use 7 up sentences to answer the questions!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Week 12- Order of Operations

Order of Operations bingo

This week our math coach, Mrs. James, came and the students got to play order of operations bingo. We had several winners and the kids had a great time playing!


Here are a few of our winners!

Bingo x2

We use a lot of songs in the classroom but this is the kid's favorite order of operations song (by Ron Clark).

We have also been doing a lot of writing. Our class is reading A Writer's Notebook by Ralph Fletcher.

This book has been taking us step by step through creating our own writer's notebook. This week we chose an item from one of our lists and wrote a paragraph about it. No one said they didn't know what to write about!


As you can see, everyone worked hard and wrote about paragraph. Next week we will begin sharing what we wrote.

Writer's notebook

STUDENTS: We have been making a lot of lists in our writer's notebook. Tell me what you wrote your paragraph about this week. Then explain why you picked that topic. If you write a 7 up sentence you'll get a bonus ticket!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Week 11- Scientist Day

This week I taught the kids how to divide using the house method. This is a great way to divide for those students who have a hard time keeping the numbers straight as they bring them down the page. Check out Bella's video. She did a great job making a video to explain the house method.

Daily Data 3 rings

We also added the third ring to our Daily Data board this week. The kids had to pick their favorite flavor of ice cream!

Shy blue

On Halloween, we had Mad Scientist Day! All the kids dressed as scientists and we did science experiments all day. Some of our experiments were Shy Blue and Drop by Drop.

Drop by Drop


I also had some "snow" that I ordered from Steve Spangler.

Lava lamps

We made lava lamps with oil, water, food color, and alka seltzer tablets. These are always a hit!

Lava lamps 2

Howling cups

I should probably apologize to the parents! We also made howling cups that made a lot of noise. I made sure all the cups went home and weren't left at school. :)

Making fake poop

Because it was Mad Scientist Day we had to do something gross! The kids created a mixture by making "fake poop" and grossed everyone out by eating it. No fear, it was made with oatmeal, sugar, chocolate cake mix, and water.

Fake poop

STUDENTS: This week was scientist day. Tell me about your favorite experiment. Make sure to tell me why it was your favorite. Include the reasons why you liked it- don't just tell me you liked it. You'll get a bonus ticket if you use 7 up sentences!