Friday, November 9, 2012

Week 12- Order of Operations

Order of Operations bingo

This week our math coach, Mrs. James, came and the students got to play order of operations bingo. We had several winners and the kids had a great time playing!


Here are a few of our winners!

Bingo x2

We use a lot of songs in the classroom but this is the kid's favorite order of operations song (by Ron Clark).

We have also been doing a lot of writing. Our class is reading A Writer's Notebook by Ralph Fletcher.

This book has been taking us step by step through creating our own writer's notebook. This week we chose an item from one of our lists and wrote a paragraph about it. No one said they didn't know what to write about!


As you can see, everyone worked hard and wrote about paragraph. Next week we will begin sharing what we wrote.

Writer's notebook

STUDENTS: We have been making a lot of lists in our writer's notebook. Tell me what you wrote your paragraph about this week. Then explain why you picked that topic. If you write a 7 up sentence you'll get a bonus ticket!


  1. i wrote about money because i want to know how money was made.

  2. I wrote about kayaking because that is my favorite thing to do on a hot summer day

  3. I wrote about soccer because I enjoy playing and I get to be with my friends.

  4. I wrote about Bigfoot because I love to whach Bigfoot. Bigfoot always scary me. Bigfoot are hairy,gross,red ,sliver,white,gray. I love to hear men and woman convitions about Bigfoot.Bigfoot hunter gos in the woods to find Bigfoot. It make me scare and freak me out.I think Mitt one of the hunter. He ran fast because he Bigfoot. Bigfoot is about floor to the tree.I love Bigfoot.

  5. I wrote about me being afraid to get a job.getting a job is so much pressure and i cant deal with attitudes if you mess up once.

  6. I wote about halloween night because its so scary because people always get freaked out


Thank you for your comments. Students, make sure to answer the question of the week to earn your ticket for the good job jar. If you have trouble posting your comment just e-mail it to me and I'll post it for you.