Friday, November 2, 2012

Week 11- Scientist Day

This week I taught the kids how to divide using the house method. This is a great way to divide for those students who have a hard time keeping the numbers straight as they bring them down the page. Check out Bella's video. She did a great job making a video to explain the house method.

Daily Data 3 rings

We also added the third ring to our Daily Data board this week. The kids had to pick their favorite flavor of ice cream!

Shy blue

On Halloween, we had Mad Scientist Day! All the kids dressed as scientists and we did science experiments all day. Some of our experiments were Shy Blue and Drop by Drop.

Drop by Drop


I also had some "snow" that I ordered from Steve Spangler.

Lava lamps

We made lava lamps with oil, water, food color, and alka seltzer tablets. These are always a hit!

Lava lamps 2

Howling cups

I should probably apologize to the parents! We also made howling cups that made a lot of noise. I made sure all the cups went home and weren't left at school. :)

Making fake poop

Because it was Mad Scientist Day we had to do something gross! The kids created a mixture by making "fake poop" and grossed everyone out by eating it. No fear, it was made with oatmeal, sugar, chocolate cake mix, and water.

Fake poop

STUDENTS: This week was scientist day. Tell me about your favorite experiment. Make sure to tell me why it was your favorite. Include the reasons why you liked it- don't just tell me you liked it. You'll get a bonus ticket if you use 7 up sentences!


  1. The experiment liked was the lava lamp. The reason I like the lava lamp is because it bubbled and it looked cool. We used:vegetable oil, water, food coloring, and alka selzer. Scientist Day was so fun.
    Thanks Mrs.White for being the best teacher I ever had.:)

  2. I liked the instant snow. The reason why I liked the instant snow is because it is fluffy. It was so fluffy that i could probably sleep on it. How we made it: Mrs.white had instant snow and we poured water and then we mixed it up.It grew so amazingly.And when I got home I put more water until I had a whole bag of.It was amazing and the coolies thing every.
    Mrs. White Scientist Day was so fun !!!!!! :)

  3. my favorite part was making the snot. The reason is when you look at it it looks like a liquid,and in runs into your hand like one too!
    But when you put yopur finger in it and play with it it feels like a solid.Another reason was it was veery easy to make. We used : corn starch,water and food coloring.

    Thank you so much Mrs. white for making it such a fun day!:)

  4. Matthew said, My favorite experiment on Scientist Day was making the snow. It feels like real snow but it wasn't. One thing I liked about was that when you added water to it, it grows. I thought that was pretty Cool!!

  5. My faviote part was making a lava lamp because when I was little my uncle had a lava lamp that I used to play with and I love the way it glows. And move up and down . I had one but I needed a new light bulb so I was glad when I heard that we was going to make a new lava lamp. I was sad that we wasn't going to light up but I was still happy and its very easy to make and all you need is oil water food coloring and a type of stomache medice love scientist day can't wait to next year

  6. I liked the snot best, because it was a liquid and a solid at the same time

  7. Looks like fun Mrs.White
    wish I was still there
    Middle school is fun but i miss u and you class
    tell your students that I said hi
    I ♥ u

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  9. Scientist Day - what a great idea. I stumbled across your blog today and really love it. I wish my kids' teachers were as hands-on. You make your lessons come alive. It was also fun to see our Insta-Snow in action too.


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