Friday, November 30, 2012

Week 15- Measurement & Artists

This week we started learning about idioms. We have a list we are learning the meaning of. So this week I had two students wear shirts to go along with our idioms. Ananda wore her "Let's Go Bananas" shirt because we are learning that go bananas means to go crazy.

Go bananas! Idiom

Brooks pointed out that his shirt shows how the Angry Birds get hot under the collar.

Hot Under the Collar

We learned how to convert customary measurement this week too. Check out our brain dumps. What is a brain dump? It is a visual representation of the concept we are learning. The kids learn these and write them down from memory to be able to convert measurement.

Inches to Miles
Inches to miles

Ounces to Tons
Oz to tons

Fluid Ounces to Gallons- Way to go Ryan L. for coming up with this one! I have always used the big G brain dump and it was a different format to convert measurement. Ryan came up with this brain dump so it is the same as the others we were learning. It really helped the students to see how to convert capacity.

Fl oz to gal

Want to see how we used our brain dumps to convert measurement? Check out my ShowMe video!

Of course we had our silly moments! This week we had an assembly and the students who sold tumblers were able to pick our prizes. I sold some tumblers too so I was able to pick a few prizes myself. Check out our mustaches!


Then when playing idioms charades, Brady hid under the desk to act out "in the doghouse".

Acting out idioms

Our reading story this week was about Leonardo da Vinci so we studied several different artists. Today the kids used the style of their favorite artist to create their own self portraits! Check out a few of them. They really did a great job!

Self portrait 1

Self portrait 2

Self portrait 3

STUDENTS: Tell us what you learned about your favorite artist this week.


  1. I learned that the mono Lisa was made by Leonardo. the mono Lisa follow you around.

  2. i learned Van gogh the Starry Night. It was pretty!!!

  3. I learned about Leonardo Da Vince The Last Supper.

  4. i learned that Vango does not paint with straight lines he does streaks

  5. I learned that Leonard painted the last supper jaheim

  6. I learned that each artist has their own style.

  7. I just love seeing what your class is up to. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check it out: Teaching is Elementary

  8. CONGRAT's Mrs. White on the Liebster Award nomination! Well deserved :) I also LOVE to see what your class is up too and watch all the video clips that you guys post! LOVE IT!

  9. how did you get the book shelf on your blog page?


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