Friday, October 28, 2011

Week 10


This week was Red Ribbon Week. Tuesday, the Madison Co Sheriff's Office brought the K9 units to the school to show the kids how the dogs help them with their job.



It was interesting to see how the dogs all went after that bite sleeve. But don't worry, no one was hurt. We even had a few students who wanted to volunteer to wear the bite sleeve. That didn't happen.





Wednesday was team jersey day. Dakota and I both had on #2. His was just the wrong color.


When we went to recess I got to play too. I took the camera and reflector outside and I had many willing models and helpers.


I hate that I wasn't at school Friday to take pictures. The kids dressed up as their hero. Mrs. McBrayer and Mrs. McNabb came in and did a craft with the kids and they had a snack. I was at the Board of Education for face to face training for the MARS grant that was awarded to Madison County. We will be getting lots of new technology to use in the classroom and I'll be learning a lot of new ways to help with teaching math. I'm excited to come back next week and show you what I learned.

STUDENTS: What is your favorite technology item that we use in the classroom?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week 9

The week before fall break was a wild week! We had a lot going on. During the week the kids checked out some of the new games we got from Donor's Choose. Our project, "When Will I Ever Use This, Real Life Math Skills" was fully funded and we are preparing our thank you package. We got lots of new math games and even 4 of them we can play on the Smartboard.


Then we had an author visit in the library. This author wrote books about Alabama and Auburn.


Friday we also had two parents come to share information about their job. Mrs. Scruggs, Carolyn's mom, came and talked to us about her job as a doctor.



Mrs. Porter, Justin's mom, talked to us about teaching science.



Thank you so much for coming to share with our class about your career. I loved the way you both shared how important school is and learning math and science.

STUDENTS: This week is fall break. What are you planning to do?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 8

This week we had the fundraiser assembly. Congratulations to LeighAnna for winning a trip in a limo to Chick-fil-a for lunch!


Friday was Explorer Day. Students dressed as Native Americans or Explorers and brought items to trade. The entire 5th grade met in the library and everyone had a chance to trade their goods. Everyone had a great time! Even the teachers dressed up!

Here are some pictures of some of my students in the "market place."





Vikings, Native Americans, and Pirates! Oh my!

Students: What was your favorite part of our trading time for Explorer Day?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Week 7

This week was school pictures. Alyse and I were thinking the same thing when we got dressed that morning. We both had on the same colors!


We also did an activity the kids to learn about Newton's first law of motion.

Students: Can you tell me what Newton's 1st law of motion is and give me an example?



Thursday everyone presented their Native American projects. I was amazed by the creativity of all the students. We had some great projects turned in, probably the best ones I've seen! Great job guys!



Friday Mrs. Pierce brought everyone a treat, edible tepees! As you can see, the kids loved them! Thank you Mrs. Pierce!