Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week 9

The week before fall break was a wild week! We had a lot going on. During the week the kids checked out some of the new games we got from Donor's Choose. Our project, "When Will I Ever Use This, Real Life Math Skills" was fully funded and we are preparing our thank you package. We got lots of new math games and even 4 of them we can play on the Smartboard.


Then we had an author visit in the library. This author wrote books about Alabama and Auburn.


Friday we also had two parents come to share information about their job. Mrs. Scruggs, Carolyn's mom, came and talked to us about her job as a doctor.



Mrs. Porter, Justin's mom, talked to us about teaching science.



Thank you so much for coming to share with our class about your career. I loved the way you both shared how important school is and learning math and science.

STUDENTS: This week is fall break. What are you planning to do?


  1. We went to the botanical gardens.Then we went to spend the night in Nashville,and went to the Adventure Science Center.Then I have a soccer tourment.

  2. leighanna NASHVILLE :) :)October 20, 2011 at 11:25 AM

    i went to the nashville zoo at grassmere, i went to the adventure science ceter almost the same thing as megan.s i also spent the night and went to sweet ceces for the first time.

  3. I stayed home.Then on the first day we went shopping with my mom.Then on Tuesday we went to Sweet Cee Cee's.Then Wednesday night me and my family watch a movie.Next on Thursday me and my sister went and got earrings with my grandmother.Then on Friday I went to "Tate Farms".
    I had so much fun (and sleep!)I hope everyone had a great time.☻♥

  4. Hey guys this is Claudia me and my sisters went to the movies. And we watched harry potter deathly hallows part 2 and that's all we did for fall break.

  5. I went to disney world and I had so much fun and why I was there I went on this ride called the manta it was fun. Oh I did more that's all I'm going to say.


  6. i stayed home for the week but friday we went to the newyork to vist my grandparents and my brother
    and we came home on sunday

  7. I went to Disney world with my whole family it rocked!!! This was my second time. We went to all the parks and just me and my dad went to Universal Studios to see the new Harry Potter theme park. I hope everyone else had a magnificent fall break!!!

  8. we went to the beach!!! ☺
    we saw my ccousins.

  9. Went to Atlanta to see the Falcons vs Panthers game so much fun got some pictures but not alot.
    ~ Tatiasha


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