Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Break- DC Trip


We had a great time in Washington DC this week! A few of your classmates went on the trip with us. We visited lots of different monuments, memorials, and museums.


We even made a side trip to Canada. You can see us all on Canadian soil (above) at the Canadian Embassy.



We were also able to tour the Capitol building. Here is Tanya waiting for the tour to start!


Can you tell who that is at the bottom of the MLK statue? This is a newly opened memorial that we were able to see.

We also got to go in the White House! Of course, we weren't allowed to take our camera inside but I couldn't pass up a picture once we went outside.


Do you know what kind of animal this is? Think back to the very beginning of the year in Social Studies. We talked about it then.


While at Arlington we saw a Caisson. Do you know what this is?


The above statue is one that was given to the Capitol from Alabama. It is the only child statue. Can you guess who she is?

STUDENTS: Post on this blog post for a bonus ticket. What did you do during spring break? If you went on the DC trip what was your favorite place we visited and why? If you did something else, what was your favorite part of the break? I need at least 3 sentences (5th grade sentences) for you to get a bonus ticket! See you Monday!


  1. claudia martinez ;] ;]March 30, 2012 at 5:06 PM

    My sister friend and my cousin and me went walking. We went to this awesome park we walked for two miles. Also it had creeks it was beautiful and there was a whole bunch of animals.Then my cousin slept over we had a lot of fun. My favorite part of spring break was when my cousin slept over.

  2. stayed home and did a lot of fun stuff.My favorite was going to Southern Adventures.I was so fun!One day we went hiking with my grandparents.Another day we went to see the Lorax.Another day we went to see chipwrecked.Then we got Sweet ce ces.It was awesome.The best part was sleeping in.

  3. I went to see United States and Canada play soccer. I also slept a lot because I got sick. My favorite part was going to see the soccer game in Nashville.

  4. Oh and the first picture that asks a question is Martin Luther king Jr..The 2nd one was a mammath.The 3rd one I have no idea what it is.Finally the last one was helen Keller.

  5. My favorite part of break was sleeping late.My second was playing the game.And my third was hanging out with my friends.And my other favorite was watching my brother's travel ball team play.Amerrit

  6. Well first of all I was sick so I slept in a lot.I had soccer practice,I went to go see Chipwrecked, I had a soccer game,and last but not least it was my dad's birthday we had a lot of fun and his cake was shaped like a guitar. Yeah spring break was awesome but the best part was my dad's birthday!!!!

  7. i went to taladega and did work for my grandma like pulling weeds and ,plowing,and taking truck loads of sticks, branches,and dead weeds n dirt "fun".than stayed home and went to the matrix. my favorite part was plwing favorite part was doing backflip half twists and backflips.

  8. i no robot i come in peaces


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