Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Play Oh No 99!

Oh no 99

Several people have asked how to play Oh No 99! so I'm sharing it here. Everyone playing gets 5 cards and each person keeps 5 cards at all times. When you play a card you draw another one to replace it.
Oh no 99 start

Turn one card face up and that gives you a starting place. In this game we started with 9. Each person plays a card, adding the value of the card played to the total of the stack. So if you play a 10 on this card the stack total would be 19. Keep playing cards. What about face cards?

Oh no 99 face cards

This is how you count face cards:

Ace= 1
Jack = minus 10
Queen = wild 1 to 9 (positive number)
King = Add 0

So you keep playing until you reach 99. Once the stack totals 99 you must be able to play a card or you are out. The last person holding cards wins. The kids love this game and I play it with them a lot today.

I keep these directions and the cards in a pencil bag. I hope you have fun playing this game. Please let me know if you have any questions!


  1. This looks like fun! It's another card game that I will definitely play! Thank you so much for the idea!! Love it!

  2. So once the stack is 99, kids need to have a Jack or King to continue? Do I understand this correctly?


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