Thursday, March 22, 2012

Week 30

We have another new science song. I'm sure most of you have probably already heard it at home but I wanted to share the link here for all my teacher friends who read the blog. I love how it goes a little more in depth than we do but my students are learning a lot!

I haven't been taking pictures during my science lessons/experiments this week because I've been filming my lessons for a science teacher award I'm applying for. I think this week I was able to capture the video I need.

More candy math

These are a few pictures from a math lesson we did this week. Each kid had a bag of M&Ms. Before they opened their bags they had to estimate how many of each color was in the bag. Once we opened the bag we calculated the probability of picking each color, a percent of that color in the bag, and the angle to represent that percent. The kids made a pie graph showing the M&M colors in each of their bags. I think they had fun with this and getting to eat candy is always a good thing in my classroom.
M&M math

More jigsaw

Ms. Robison, our student teacher, has been teaching several subjects this week. In SS she had the kids do jigsaw groups. They had to research and learn about a topic and then switch groups. They were responsible for teaching their material to the new group.

Jigsaw groups

They make me laugh

At the end of the day today we got our pets out of their habitat. The kids always make me laugh because some love our hissing cockroaches and some are still creeped out by them. These are just a few of them. Right now we have about 30 living in the habitat. Anyone want a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach? We have plenty.
Our babies

STUDENTS: I hope you all enjoy your spring break next week. While you are off I'd like for you to post something you learned in science this week. Since I don't have pictures to share, tell our readers about the experiment we did Wednesday with the mixture.


  1. mrs.white gave us beads, salt, sand, and iron filings to make a mixture then we put them in a cup and had to seperate them first we seperated the beads by picking them out then the iron filings by using a magnet next we filtered out the salt by dissolving it in a cup of water finally wait for the salt water to evaporate leaving the sand.

  2. Wensday we did an experiment with salt,beads,sand,and iron and we had to find a way to get all of them out of one big cup and back into the little ones.Amerrit

  3. I learned that you can separate a mixture of things.I also learned that you can separate salt and sand.Wednesday we did an experiment on mixtures.We used beads,iron,salt,and,and sand.WE mixed them all up.Then we tried to figure out how to separate the mixture.First you take the beads out yourself,next you use this wand thing to get the iron out ,then you put water in the mixture to separate the salt and sand.

  4. We did an experiment with a mixture. We had sand, beads, iron, and salt. We mixed those in a cup and we had to figure out how to seperate them. We also learned about soulutions and mixtures. We learned that mixtures can be seperated and solutions can't.

  5. I am so impressed at your students' comments and the level of engagement that you obviously plan for. You sound like an AMAZING TEACHER! My name is Jennifer Jenkins and I will be teaching fifth grade next year. I've taught 3rd for two years and 1st for 3 years, so this will be a change. I will mainly teach Science, as our school rotates. Do you or your students have any suggestions for me. This is so cool that I (or anyone) can comment. I want to learn how to do this. Kudos to you all! my email


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