Friday, February 24, 2012

Week 26


The kids were amazed when I mixed two clear liquids together to make this bouncy ball. The most amazing part? After we left it for a day it flattened out and took the shape of the bag it was in. So it had the properties of a solid and a liquid. Everyone wanted to take this one home.

Properties of matter

We also spent a lot of time exploring the properties of different white powders. We are using six different powders: salt, sugar, powdered sugar, corn starch, plaster, and baking soda. We'll be using these same powders to do different experiments. The important things we did this week was describing each of them in a way to tell them apart from all the others. We also mixed a little water and vinegar in each to see what happened. Make sure to check back to see what else we do with our six white powders.

Fun with hand lenses

When I was showing the kids how to use a hand lens they laughed because I looked like I had a huge eye when I was using it the wrong way. So Timothy wanted to give it a try and use them as glasses.

Working on writing

We have also been working on writing a how to paper. Our topic, How to Blow a Bubble. I can't wait to show you the end product for this project. The kids have been writing and sharing with each other. We should be able to wrap this up next week for you to see.

STUDENTS: I wasn't at school Thursday when you mixed each powder with water and vinegar. I would like for you to tell me about what you did and what reaction you remember the most. Make sure to write at least 3 sentences for this response.


  1. We mixed up Baking soda, Sugar, Salt, Plaster, Cornstarch, and Powdered Sugar. I remembered the plaster bubbling up when TJ put vinegar on it. The bouncey ball was so flat too! So far, I like chemistry.

  2. When we mixed the baking soda, salt,plaster,powdered sugar,and constarch it was fun.We mixed one of them with water or vinegar and bubbles came up.And one time it looked like spit.Amerrit

  3. @ndrea!
    when our group mixed plaster with water it started to look like cement. When we mixed cornstarch with water it turned into a slime like thing. Last, when we mixed sugar with water it started to look like crystals! :D :D :D :D

  4. Hello! I've been following your blog for a few months now because you do such cool activities. I'm a fourth and fifth grade sped teacher in South Carolina. We are starting matter next week in our fifth grade classes and I wondered what two liquids you used to create your bouncy ball? What a great way to show the elements of matter - even do some writing with predictions. I love everything you do and look forward to seeing your class updates. Thanks!

  5. CaRoLyN Scruggs-WebsterFebruary 25, 2012 at 5:05 PM

    When we mixed baking soda with the vinegar it looked bubbly.Then after we mixed it up with the toothpick it looked like fake snow.Mrs.White you rock when we do science thank you so very much.!

  6. claudia martinez ;] ;]February 25, 2012 at 5:38 PM

    When we mixed cornstarch with water it started to harden.Also when we mixed baking soda with vinegar it started to bubble.Then when we mixed salt with water it looked like shaved ice.

  7. We used baking soda,sugar,powdered sugar,cornstarch,and plaster for our experiment.
    We also used vinegar and water to see what would happen.Some began to fizz like soda,some looked like milk or nasty medicine,some was kind of slimy looking when I when I took the toothpick out,and there are so many more was so fun.:)

  8. Sarah,

    I used sodium silicate and rubbing alcohol. I'd have to look to get you the exact measurements. Just send me an e-mail and I'd be happy to share the info with you.

  9. We mixed cornstarch with water and it started to get hard. We also mixed baking soda with vinegar it started to bubble like a volcano. Then we mixed salt and water it looks like ice. Last we mixed plaster and water and it looked like cement that you put on the sidewalk.

  10. We mixed baking soda with vinegar and it started to bubble. We mixed cornstarch with water and it started to harden. We mixed plaster with water and it looked like cement.

  11. We've mixed cornstarch and vinegar and it turned into a yellowish liquid.We mixed plaster with water wich turned into a grayish color and looked like cement.We also mixed baking powder with water and it started to fizz up.

  12. we mixed cornstarch with water and vinegar and they both turned to slime .when we mixed plaster with water and vinegar they turned to a liguid that looked like wet cement.when we mixed bakingsoda with vinegar it started to fiz up and then the bakingsoda started to disolve .

  13. I've had several people ask me how I made the bouncy ball so here are the measurements: It is 50 ml of sodium silicate and 20 mil of rubbing alcohol.


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