Friday, February 17, 2012

Week 25


We had fun at the recording studio Sunday! If you want a copy of the math CD just send in a blank CD and I'll burn you a copy. We ended up with about 21 math songs. Even the teachers did a math song!



This week in math we were learning about area and perimeter. The kids used Cheez Its to form shapes and then determine the area/perimeter. They really seemed to enjoy this.

Cheez It area and perimeter

Area & Perimeter

Ratio, decimals, percent, & probability

We also used our candy hearts to do a lesson on ratios, fractions, decimals, and percents. In my bag, you can see I had a greater probability of pulling out a green heart. So, we took our heart and drew out different hearts to see if the probability would be close to the percentage in the bag. As you can see, it was close!

Sharing Valentine math boxes

The students all made math Valentine boxes. They shared them with each other Monday before we used them to collect Valentine cards Tuesday.



Thanks to everyone that sent in goodies for our Valentine celebration. The kids were sugared up by the end of the day (sorry parents). However, it was fun to take a little break from all of our work to have some fun with snacks and cards.



Sebastian and his mom brought in dirt cups for everyone. They were yummy! And it even reminded me of the Saving Fred activity we did in science back at the beginning of the school year.

Perimeter & Area Robot

We wrapped up the week by making perimeter & area robots. This is the robot that I made. Can you tell it is a ballerina?

STUDENTS: We have started our chemistry unit and I know we are all excited to start our experiments. Before we do that I'd like to see what you have learned. So tell me 3 things about chemistry that you have learned so far.


  1. Different elements, atom, and solids ,liquids and gases. (Once again)

  2. elements solids liquids gases and warning labels

  3. I've learned the elements,solid,liquids,gas,and atoms.Amerrit

  4. I have learned that atoms are tiny little particles of an element, always read labels of chemicals ,and about evaporation, boiling point and condnsation.

  5. claudia martinez ;] ;]February 19, 2012 at 7:07 PM

    i learned about warning labels,solids, and liquids.

  6. I learned about different elements such as solids,liquids,gases,periodic table,atoms,condensatoin and evaporatoin....Tanya

  7. I learned about warning labels, solids, liquids, gases, and atoms.

  8. I learned about the Atoms,Liquids,and Solids.

  9. What I learned was:

    :solids, liquids and gases.
    :condensation,evaporation,and the boiling point
    :Periodic table
    :Last but not least SAFETY RULES.....(We knew that a million years ago.)

  10. What I learned about was elements,atoms,condensation, evaporation,boiling point,periodic table,safety rules,and how to make a bouncyball

  11. and,solids,liquids,and gasses


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