Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week 23

We are learning more "brain dumps" for math. These are the last two we have learned.
Ounces to Tons brain dump


If you are following us on Twitter you know we learned that "King Henry likes Diamonds BUT Diamonds Cost Money." That is how we remember how to convert measurement. We're still working on that one but the kids can tell you about the king.

Stormi Play

Our reading story this week was a play. The kids love any excuse to be able to pull out the puppets. So I let them use the puppets and read the play aloud to the class.


Friday we went bowling. The kids have been learning to bowl during PE time and this week we got to see what they have learned. I must say we had some naturals in the group. Most of them cracked me up because they would roll the ball and then just walk back (without even watching the pins fall).


Look at the concentration on Caleb's face. He was serious.



I even bowled a game with this group. I was very rusty and Aviana was a natural!

STUDENTS: Do you think brain dumps are helping you remember math? Why or why not?


  1. Brain dumps are helping me because they help me remember.Amerrit

  2. Yes they do. because they help me remember like how many feet are in 2 miles.And they also heelp me learn.

  3. Yes , because they are easy ways to let us remember how to do something.

  4. yes because the more i repeat something i learn it better but i dont like doing them though

  5. claudia martinez ;] ;]February 5, 2012 at 5:56 PM

    i say yes because it helps me remember how many feet are in 6 inches;]

  6. Yes because it helps you remember when you can't remember how to answer the question.

  7. Yes because it helps me remember things easily that you cant remember in your head

  8. yes because it just stays in your head and you just remember it.


  9. Yes, because it helps you remember how many feet are in 3 miles. They also help you learn.

  10. yes because they help you remember what they are on



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