Friday, January 27, 2012

Week 22


See that? That is me eating a cheddar cricket. They weren't something I'd normally eat but I figured I'd give it a try. Tasted like sunflower seeds.



The kids were pretty excited about getting to eat bugs. We had crickets and mill worms one day and ants another.


Samuel eats a cricket

Not everyone was excited. Samuel watched everyone else eat a cricket before he decided to give it a try. You can tell he wasn't sure about eating that.

We are published

Our class books came in this week too! Fifth Grade Confessions is a book where each student wrote a confession about their past. Some of the stories were quite comical. I even wrote a story about when I was little. My mom made me eat everything on my plate and I just couldn't stomach the brussels sprouts. I finally figured out that I could hide them in the bottom of the garbage can and she never knew until I told her (once I was an adult).

Owl pellets

This week we also dissected owl pellets. The kids were excited to find bones and skulls in the pellets. They are showing off their finds here.

Owl pellets Max


We have also started using our Versatiles. They are a self guided way to practice skills.

STUDENTS: Why in the world did we eat insects this week? How did it relate to what we were doing in reading? What was your favorite insect snack and why?


  1. We ate insects because of our reading story called Exploding Ants and well it relates to our story because now we know how some insect's taste.And my fav. insect was the larva.

  2. I don't have favorite becuse I didn't have one.Amerrit

  3. I answered wrong we ate bugs because our reading story & it relates because it talking about different animals & I don't have a favorite.Amerrit :)

  4. because of are ant story exploding ants it relates cause we were talking about animals and how they are diffrent my favorite was the larva cause thats is the nly one i ate but i will NEVER EAT INSECTS AGAIN UNLESS I AM FORCED OR HAVE TO!!!!! DISCUSTING!!! BLAC!!!!! NEVER WILL HOPEFULLY

  5. Tanya...we ate insects because our reading story was about insects and animals and that relates to it because we were talking about how they live and what they taste like and my favorite was the sour cream and onion crickets and the barbeque lava

  6. claudia martinez ;] ;]January 29, 2012 at 4:24 PM

    we ate bugs because it relates to the reading story exploding ants and the story told us about a few animals and how they favorite was the cricket.

  7. We ate insects because of are reading story this week. It relates to the reading story because we were talking about diffrent animals and insects. I don't have a favorite.

  8. We ate bugs because of the reading story this week. It relates to the story because the insects and animals were diffrent in so many ways some ants explode. My favorite ant was the BBQ worm. I liked it because it was crunchy and I like BBQ.

  9. It also relates to our story because we were learning about insects. Also if u didn't know we dissected owl pellets. COOL!:)

  10. Well our reading story was on insects and animals. I did not have a favorite insect snack!..... ewww.


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