Friday, January 6, 2012

Week 19

Learning with iPads

Welcome back! This was a busy week even though it was a short week. We started using the class set of iPad to practice math this week. Everyone had a chance to play math games on the iPads on Thursday during our new group rotations.

Inches to Miles Braindump

We also learned a new brain dump in math this week. We talked about converting measurement and the kids learned this graphic organizer. They can each write this down without looking and use it correctly! We will keep doing brain dumps to learn measurement before testing begins.

Alyse the tax collector

Today we did a fun activity to learn how the colonists felt before the Revolutionary War. They felt they were being taxes unfairly. King Nine declared taxes on things like tennis shoes, pencils, glasses, and blue jeans. The kids had to pay taxes using their Skittles and most were upset because they were having to give them all away. Claudia and several other students had to use all of their Skittles to pay taxes.

Max paid all his Skittles for unfair taxes

Max wasn't happy about having to give up his Skittles either. Now they understand how the colonists felt!

Working on class book

We are also finishing the pages for our class book. I can't wait to send this off and get the books in. Our book title is Fifth Grade Confessions. Once they come in I'll share some of the pages here.

STUDENTS: We started using the class set of iPads this week. There aren't a lot of apps there yet but I wanted to get feedback from you to see which apps you'd like to see on there. Only math games will be added to this iPads. Do you play any math games you'd like to see added? It can't be Angry Birds or Cut the Rope because those aren't math games. Don't know any apps? Share your favorite part of this week!


  1. My favorite part was when we got to play on the iPads :)

  2. My fave part was when Claudia and I won got our tickets pulled out if the jar!

  3. Math Ninja, rocket math, and math bingo are some I know also my favorite part was being able to do Hawk Eye News.

    P.S. I know a lot of math games to tell but, I'm only gonna mention three.☻

  4. (Math ninja is manly for the boys)

  5. oops!I meant mainly for the boys not manly.


  6. My favorite part was when we played the ipad.Amerrit

  7. jeopardy,slice it,set,and are u smarter than a fith grade

  8. claudia martinez ;] ;]January 8, 2012 at 7:29 PM

    Heller my favorite was Carolyn and my tickets were pulled.;]

  9. My favorite part was playing on the ipads and I think u should get r you smarter than a fith grader.

  10. Favorite is when we did the colonist thing.


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