Thursday, December 29, 2011

Week 18


Merry Christmas from my house to yours! I hope everyone is having a wonderful break.


The big thing this week was the sheep heart dissection. The kids were grossed out when I pulled out the bag and just stuck my hand in and started pulling out hearts. But once they had one in front of them they all dug in! We were able to find all the parts of the heart we have been learning about.



I got a toothbrush!

Justin brought me a toothbrush for Christmas! :) I must share the story here. Several weeks ago we were talking about commercials and I asked them if they had seen the Arm & Hammer spinbrush commercial. I told them that I had told my husband he better not get me a toothbrush for Christmas. We all laughed but it looks like Justin remembered. He brought me one for a gift. It was a joke, of course, but it was funny!

STUDENTS: Are you ready for school to start back? Why or why not.


  1. Yes because I want to see my friends and I want to learn something.

  2. Yes because I want to see my friends again and learn something we haven't done and no because I didn't want Christmas to end.

  3. claudia martinez ;] ;]January 1, 2012 at 7:59 PM

    Yes because i would like to see Mrs.white and my friends

  4. Yes because I want to see my friends

  5. No, I want more breaks!

  6. Yes because i want to see all my friends and you Mrs.White.

    NO, because over the break my brother gave my the pink eye but i'm better

  7. NO WAY!:(.Because I want to sleep in !:(

  8. im not ready to go back 2 doing work after having a gr8 time

  9. no because its boring and i saw a hockey with a lot of fighting and went to the hostpil


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