Friday, February 10, 2012

Week 24


This week we had an assembly to celebrate our school recycling program. We are the first school in Madison County to start recycling at school. It has been a big success and we wanted to celebrate. The kids brought in change to raise money to pay for our recycling bins. They were able to put their change in jugs to "vote" for the teacher who would kiss the pig. Thankfully I didn't "win." But it was a lot of fun to watch those who did win. They had to kiss a pig!


These are the girls from our class on the Green Team. They are responsible for emptying the recycle bins daily.



Wilbur was so cute! This is the pig they all kissed.


Even TJ kissed the pig. Her mom, Mrs. Webster, had to do it and she didn't want her mom to have to do it alone.

Revolutionary War

We finished our unit on the events leading to the Revolutionary War. Here is a snap shot of one of the pages from our interactive notebook where we kept track of each event.

Cow eyes

Friday we finished our unit on light and the eye. The kids loved dissecting cow eyes! It is so much fun watching them because these eyes are juicy. Many were grossed out but they all had a great time.




STUDENTS: We are about to start our big chemistry unit. We will be doing lots of experiments and this is my favorite subject in science. So, tell me what you already know about chemistry.


  1. I know nothing about chemistry.

  2. Chemistry is involved in our everyday life. From the air that we breath the food the that we eat and the water that we drink.

  3. I know that we will need chemistry and science also math throught out our life and I can't wait to do chemistry .

  4. claudia martinez ;] ;]February 12, 2012 at 9:40 AM

    well that you get to do a lot of experiments and get to learn how to change the colors of a liquid.

  5. sodium carbonate explodes in water and that my mom teaches it .


  6. Well in Chemistry I hear that you get to do lots of experiments with it and change colors of the liquid.

  7. What I know about chemistry is that it involves science and that it involves lots of experiments.

  8. How substances mix....

  9. I know that it has chemicals.Amerrit


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