Friday, May 4, 2012

Week 35

Integers card game

I taught the kids a new card game to practice adding and subtracting integers. We had fun and the kids loved practicing this way, instead of just working out problems with paper and pencil. The red cards are negative and the black are positive. Each player starts with 6 cards, drawing one at the beginning of their turn and discarding one at the end. The goal is to play pairs that equal 6 or -6. The person playing 3 pairs first wins. The other players add the absolute value of their cards to get a score. The goal is to have the lowest score at the end of the game.

Playing cards

If you are a regular blog reader you know I love games! I had a project funded called "Get Your Grammar Game On" from Donors Choose. Since state testing is over we had some extra time to pull out the games and start learning how to play them.

Donors Choose Games

I taught 3 students how to play the game and they went around the classroom teaching others to play.
More games

We have a lot more games to learn in order to practice grammar. I can't wait!


Thursday night was the school dance. Everyone that came looked so nice! I think we all had fun. I even learned how to do the Wobble.

IMG_1486 IMG_1526 IMG_1514 IMG_1509 IMG_1449 IMG_1489

STUDENTS: Right now we are reading The Watson's Go to Birmingham. It seems like every time we have to stop reading I find a way to make it a cliff hanger and you are excited for me to start reading again. This is one of my all time favorite books. Tell me about your favorite book! What is the title? Give me a short summary of what happens. Just don't give away the ending, I might want to read it.


  1. Your fave:CarolynMay 5, 2012 at 10:51 PM

    My fave book is the HUNGER GAMES SERIES. It's about a country called Panem and it has 12 ditricts. To keep the population in track they hold the hunger games.1 boy and 1 girl from all 12 dist. come.The main charecters name is Katniss Evergreen. She takes place in the games as a tribute that takes her sister,Primrose Evergreen's place in the games.

    Ps: Mrs.White you caught LeighAnna at a ODD time =)

  2. My fav book is NERDS SERIES. Its about when kids go to elementary school. The kids are very unpopular, so they start a spy network from inside their school. They have incredible abilities. They battle a girl who is a junior beauty pagent, but she turns into an assassin. Their is alot of action.

    Ps: Mrs.White stop reading the book when theirs a good part.

  3. My favorite book is called "Dear America, Diary of Piper Davis."It is about a girl who her brother went to the military and he was in the attack of Pearl Harbor

  4. my favorite book is calvin and the hobbes. it where this little boy always is doing an adventure.One reason why i like this i can connect to him. we both have a big imagination. and that is my favrite book

  5. I have many favorite books. The Sword of Darrow is one of my favorites. It's about a boy named Darrow and a princess named Babette. They went on a journey to save a kingdom called Sonnencrest.

  6. I like the book bud not buddy. An orphan boy named bud is searching for his father by using clues his mother left him, as he searches from flint to the grand rapids. during the great depression he has to grow up fast to survive.

  7. I really like mystery books. One of the books I have read that I like is eleven it is about a gril who is in her room and one day she gose missing and her friend thats a boy know's where she is at but dose not tell any one because he promised that he would not. oh and never mind I don't want to give it away.Well you will just have to read to find out the rest.


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