Thursday, November 5, 2015

Classroom Jobs

I've shared my list of leadership roles that the students in my classroom have. You can see my list here.

So, after seeing this huge list you're probably wondering what some of these are. So here's a quick run down of each job. 

Breakfast Buddy- Goes to the lunchroom in the morning to help younger students open things and clean up after breakfast.

Greeter- Greets people who enter our classroom. Just walk up and say hello and welcome to our classroom.

Tour Guide- When we have special guests in the school, tour guides take them on a tour of our school.

Capri Sun- Our school recycles Capri Sun pouches and students help with this process.

Recycling- Empty classroom recycle bin

Classroom Board- Updates all classroom boards and calendar.

RAK Leader- Random Acts of Kindness leader helps facilitate RAKs our class does.

Computer Lab- Gives hand sanitizer as we enter and takes up ear buds when we leave.

Library- Helps put books back on the shelf and anything else the librarian needs.   

iPad- Makes sure all iPads are accounted for and plugs them in at the end of the day.

Safety- Helps make sure walkways are clear of binders, jackets, and trash.

Communications- Runners who take things to other teachers in the building.

Attendance- Take attendance every morning and lets me know who is absent.

PE- Helps PE coach and even goes in to help K students tie shoes.

Environmental- Cleans up and empties trash cans at the end of the day.

Lunchroom- Lines up students to go to lunch, carries bucket to the lunchroom with extra forks, ketchup, etc. 

Lunch Count- Writes lunch choices on the board and writes the count on a slip to deliver to the lunchroom each morning. Also takes any lunch money to the lunchroom.

Phone- Answers the phone.

Music- We listen to Pandora a lot so this students starts our music.

Tech- Helps with any tech in the classroom. Very helpful when we have a sub.

Paper- Hands back graded papers and other things that need to be sent home.

Sign/Door- We have a Where Are We sign that must be changed when we leave and the door must be closed and locked when we leave. 

Lamp- I have a lot of classroom lamps so this student turns them on in the morning and off in the afternoon.

Desk Inspector- We switch classes and nothing can be left in the desk. This student makes sure nothing is left behind.

Behavior Monitor- Helps monitor behavior in hallway.

Cart Manager- Our classroom has 6 carts with tissue, paper towels, notebook paper, wipes, post it notes, index cards, and hand sanitizer. This student restocks anything that is missing. 

Find Your Voice/Morning Meeting- Find Your Voice is like Show and Tell for big kids. These students look at our Google doc that lists the students who have signed up to share and gets the process going. They also lead morning meeting on Wednesday.

Time Keeper- This student sets a timer any time we need it. This is very helpful when going to lockers or packing up in the afternoon.

Pencil- Makes sure pencils are out and sharpened.

Walkie Talkie- We have to take this to recess each day. This student makes sure I don't forget it.