Saturday, December 3, 2016

#ReadinginScience -Renewable Energy

I love it when a lesson plan comes together and works out just right! I teach grammar and science this year so I decided to do a reading lesson with a piece of science text.

The kids have been learning about human impact on the Earth. So we focused on renewable energy for this lesson. I started off by using popplet to have them share what they know about renewable energy. When I taught the lesson to 4th period, popplet wouldn't load so we went old school using post it notes.

After this, we read small sections of the text chorally.

We used our focus question to set our purpose for reading.

Focus Question: What are the benefits of using renewable energy? What are some examples of renewable energy resources?

I created this chart for us to use to list the resources as we read. I also kept a list of the benefits they discovered as we read. We did a lot of discussion about the evidence they found in the text to help them make inferences and draw conclusions.

Once we finished reading four short columns of text, we decided we had what we needed to construct a response. I've found that when students tried to answer questions like this in the past they would only answer one part of the question or just list random facts from the text. So we really made sure each section of the question was addressed.

Then I assigned each small group a small section of the text. Each group has their own focus question to answer, which is very similar to the question we worked on answering together. When we finish, the small groups will be responsible for teaching the information they learned to the rest of the class.

We should finish this up next week and I hope they are successful with answering their focus question. I wrote the chart, benefits list, and focus question answer on chart paper and will display it for the students to use as a guide as they work on their own focus question.

I'll come back and share our final products after we finish next week!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Day in My Life

I saw something a friend shared on FB the other day about the day in the life of a teacher. So I thought I'd document my day. I picked Wednesday and took pictures throughout the day. Here is it!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

@Flocabulary Love! Win 1 yr subscription here.

Do you know about Flocabulary? If not, then your students are going to love this!

I have been using Flocabulary for the last several years and it is by far my favorite resource for songs for my students. I am always looking for fun, catchy songs to share with my fifth grade students. We watch them over and over and by the time our unit is finished they can sing along with the entire song. 

I'll never forget the first Flocabulary video I stumbled upon, Five Things. Check it out!

When I saw it I knew my students were going to eat this up! So I played it for them and they started begging for more. So I started my subscription then and haven't regretted that decision. 

Flocabulary is always adding new content. Check here to see the new content added since Spring 2016. One of our favorite things is the Week in Rap. They do a rap that reviews all the current events for the week. These are posted by Friday morning so they are ready to share at the end of every week. 

Every song has a video but there's also so much more! 

Resources for Implementation!
Explore these resources for information and ideas on how to use Flocabulary!
     The How to Use page on our site is a great resource for educators.
     It includes a self-guided training presentation as well as a short tutorial video about getting started with Flocab.
     Explore our Lesson Resources page for implementation ideas per subject.
     Please also find our lesson plans on Pinterest (we have one board for elementary and one board for middle and high school)! 

So, want to be entered to win a free year-long teacher Flocabulary subscription? Of course you do! Everyone that enters will get an email for an extended 45 day school wide trial of Flocabulary. Make sure to enter by Oct 16th @ 11:59 ET. Good luck!!

Friday, July 29, 2016

The Pencil Grip Review & Giveaway

The Pencil Grip sent me 3 of their pencil grips to try and a set of Kwik Stix!

After trying out these pencil grips, I learned I've been holding my pen/pencil wrong all these years. I use my ring finger to prop my pen/pencil on! Let me tell you though, I love these pencil grips. They are so soft and make it nice to hang on to your pencil.

Take a look at them!

Have you seen the Kwik Stix Tempera Paint Sticks? These things are amazing. They are made so they are in a tube that roll up, similar to a glue stick. This makes it a mess free project when you want to paint a picture.

The paint on the paper is a little sticky for just 90 seconds, then it is dry! No more laying papers out all around the classroom to wait for the paint to dry.

I am not an artist but I painted a smiley face to try them out and I'm in love with the Kwik Stix!

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Classroom Ready- Flexible Seating #StarbucksMyRoom

This year I decided to try flexible seating. I've been looking at it for several years and debating if I should try it. When Natalie, a friend and parent at my school, approached me about being part of a group to pilot this I knew it was time to try it!

I've been working in the room for about 2 weeks. Believe it or not, teachers start back July 25th so I wanted to make sure I was done before school starts.

When I started looking for flexible seating options I saw tons of exercise balls. I know I wouldn't be able to handle all those exercise balls rolling all over the place so I looked for other ideas. I found my bean bag ottomans at Overstock. I ordered memory foam bath mats and the isokinetics cushions from Amazon. I picked up the wooden stools at Target and the little black stools were ordered from IKEA. I absolutely love the way it has turned out!

I've used lamps for several years and I love the way the room feels like home without those fluorescent lights on.

So here is a look into my room!

I purchased bed risers for this table next to my technology shelf. It is high enough that the kids will be able to work around it while sitting on the stool or standing.

This is the shelf where all my technology will go. My Chromebooks will go on the top shelf. I have file folder organizers and the computers fit nicely in the slots. I tied each cord on the organizer so they'll be easy to plug in when the computers are replaced. The second shelf has organizers for my class iPads. I'm not sure if you can tell, but on the very bottom of the shelf are my new robots! I still have to get a large power strip for them because I have 12 Sprk robots we will be using for STEM this coming year.

This is the reading corner. I picked up the rag rugs at 5 Below. I haven't been a reading teacher in several years but the kids still love reading and I want them to have a place to sit and read if they want to.

I couldn't part with my teacher desk but I did eliminate a table and pushed the desk closer to the storage cabinets. The classroom computer is on my desk because it has to be connected to my Smartboard and document camera.

I really love this table. I used it for small group instruction when I taught math and reading. This year I'm planning to let students sit around it. I left a few chairs here in case someone wants one.

These are the wire shelves behind the table above. I eventually want to get some wooden shelves to replace these wire ones. They just don't hold up very well, but I'm about spent out for now!

This is the view along the wall where you come in the classroom. I have two desks there so we can turn them to face the classroom if they are needed.

We lowered this table by removing the legs from it. I put some rag rugs down and also got Isokinetics wiggle cushions.

This is my table with legs removed so the kids can use memory foam bath mats to sit on.

My front carpet (which is well worn) is a large place where the kids will be able to work.

I put my Target stools along the back counter.

And this table wasn't lowered because I put the bean bag ottomans here.

I hope you have enjoyed my classroom tour! I'm still planning to pick up a few other things for the room so if I do I'll be sure to share them with you.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Dragon of the Month Club- Giveaway

Edited 7/13/16: Congratulations to the winner: Rachel Sochol-Soloman. Please check your email for information about claiming your book!

I just finished reading a wonderful new book called The Dragon of the Month Club by Iain Reading. I'm giving away a free copy of this book for your classroom!

First, let me tell you a little bit about the book. I truly enjoy reading because books take me to new worlds but this book took me to many worlds. The main characters are Ayana and Tyler. Ayana has recently moved and is having a hard time fitting in when she meets Tyler in the library. While spending time together in the library they discover "THE BOOK." It is called How to Conjure Your Very Own Dragon in Six Easy Steps.

They join the dragon of the month club and begin getting instructions to conjure new types of dragons. One day when they are conjuring a dragon in Tyler's bedroom something goes wrong and they are transported to an alternate world. They have so many exciting adventures in different worlds that are tied to books Tyler has in his room. Their goal? They are trying to reach the home of a scientist named Professor Doctor Linus Aloysius von Mobius so he can help them return home.

Ayana and Tyler meet some very memorable people and creatures on their quest to return home! Want to win a copy of the book for yourself? Check on the rafflecopter below to enter. The giveaway ends July 14th so enter now!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

#NATC2016- Super Google & Super Hero Fun

Today I presented about Google with my friend, Tina McKenzie. We had two hours and still didn't make it through everything. There are so many wonderful things Google can do for you! Want to see the presentation? Take a look:

I had a great time with our Super Hero theme! Here are a few fun tweets/pictures from today.