Friday, March 21, 2014

Week 29- Area, Perimeter, & Mixtures

This week in math we learned about area and perimeter. I had a lot of fun, hands on activities planned for my students. I taped some shapes on the floor in the hallway with painters tape. I assigned each group a shape and they had to calculate the area and perimeter of their shape.

Then I found the great activity using Post-It notes: Sticky Note Area and Perimeter. I gave each group a design they had to recreate with post it notes on their chart paper. Then they had to calculate the area and perimeter of the shape on their poster. I had them rotate to each of the posters to check their work. I love that this activity taught them how to calculate area of irregular shapes. 

Then we used Cheez-Its to create shapes. I gave each student 10 Cheez-Its and they had to create as many different shapes they could and calculate the perimeter of those shapes. 

At the end of the week, my students made Area/Perimeter robots. Here is the file from TpT: Perimeter and Area Robots.They are given dimensions for each section of the robot. 

I told them the robots could reflect their interests. I was amazed with the results!

For science this week we were learning about mixtures. So we created a mixture of our own using salt, sand, iron filings, and beads. Since a mixture can be separated each group had to create a plan to separate their mixture. 

They had to write a plan and have it approved before they started working. 

I overhead several students talking about how they would have to synergize to get this done. Each group worked together to develop a plan and they used information from other things we had done this week to help them come up with their plan. 

They took the beads out with their hands, used a magnet to remove the iron filings, and then mixed the salt/sand mixture with water. They knew salt would dissolve in water so they used the water to pick up the salt. Then used a filter to filter the sand from the water. We left the cups to sit so the water will evaporate and leave the salt behind.

It was another fun week and next week is spring break! Hope all my students and followers have a great week.

STUDENTS: Which area/perimeter activity was your favorite and why?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Week 28- Triangles w/Technology & Mystery Powders

We started the week with a review of triangles. Each group started with a Mobi and listed everything they know about triangles. I found that most groups thought all triangles have acute angles. Then I gave every group a wanted poster with the name of a triangle at the top. They used the iPad to research their triangle and record the information. 

The posted had a place for them to list a description and place last seen. There was a $180 reward so they had to figure out why that was the reward amount. I forgot to take pictures of their posters when completed but they did a great job. They posted their research on LinoIt.

I had each group share their poster and we used their information to create a flipbook about triangles. Then I called out a triangle and my students used Play-Doh to make them. 

Here is Avery telling you about her triangle. She created this using YAKiT Kids app on the iPad. 

Our focus this week in science was acids and bases. My students tested powers with BTB to find out if they were acidic or alkaline. 

They also tested the same powders with iodine to see if starch was present. Then each group mixed 2 powders to create a mystery powder. They used the data they had been collecting to figure out which two powders were mixed to create the mystery powder from another group.

I loved seeing all my students synergize!

In the end, all the groups guessed on of the powders right but only one group was able to determine both powders in the mystery powder mix.

STUDENTS: This week with Mrs. Smith you have been writing a persuasive essay. Do you think cell phones should be allowed in school? Why or why not?

Friday, March 7, 2014

Week 27- BYOT- Using LOTS of technology in class

I started the week in a BYOT workshop (bring your own technology). I learned several new things and had reminders of a few things I used in the past. So Wednesday I decided to test them out on both of my classes. Each of my classes watched the same video. I knew this would be perfect to go with Habit 6- Synergize. 

For my homeroom, I stopped the video as we watched and had them answer questions and share at their table. Then I posed the final question on Padlet. Each group used an iPad to access the padlet I created and post their group answer. 

I loved seeing all my students put their heads together to synergize and answer the questions about the video we were watching.

I decided to try something a little different with my 2nd class. I created a room on Today's Meet for our discussion.I created a QR code for them to access the chat room.

 As we watched the video I posted the question in the chat room and then paused the video. After the first time they knew to look at the chat room when the video paused. Then each table had a discussion about the question and one person in the group posted the answer. 

I'm pretty sure Backchanneling with Today's Meet was my favorite! I can see how this would be great to use during lessons. My students could post questions they have and I could address them on the spot. Students who might be reluctant to ask questions in class would be more willing to post them in our group room. 

I have a few more tech things we used in class this week too! I created a blendspace for my students that focus on the geometry lessons in math. I posted the link to this in my Edmodo classes so my students can access all the videos and other things we did in math class this week. 

Since I was out Monday at the workshop I created a ThingLink for my sub to use. This had all the videos and notes she needed for my science classes to cover physical and chemical properties. I've also made a thinglink for the Declaration of Independence and Acids/Bases.

As you can probably tell, I'm loving all this technology and I can't wait for us to get more network support to start the BYOT movement in our school.

Friday we had our fun run at school. My kids ran around 35 laps or more. I was exhausted just watching them.

And our class team name for the fun run? Here's what the students voted for using AnswerGarden.

I let the kids make suggestions using the iPads with a QR code.

They scanned the code to go to the AnswerGarden I created for this. Then we took the top 2 names and did a poll on Edmodo. White's Walking Dead was the winning name.

Here is our video newsletter for the upcoming week.

STUDENTS: We used a lot of technology this week. How did using technology prove you are synergizing? What was your favorite part of using technology?