Sunday, August 16, 2015

1st 2 Weeks- 4 Types of Sentences

I can't believe we've already finished 2 full weeks of school. The first week of school was full of getting to know you activities, learning how to open lockers, and getting back in to the swing of school.

We did several fun things to review the 4 types of sentences. First we watch the Explore webcam and wrote 4 types of sentences about what we saw. 

Later the first week my students went through old magazines and found one picture the liked. They cut it out and glued it to notebook paper. Each student wrote 4 types of sentences about their picture and then shared it with a small group. 

Finally, we wrapped up our review of the 4 types of sentences with this cute activity! Students punctuated sentences, sorted them into categories, and then glued them on to clothes lines. 

STUDENTS: Which sentence activity was your favorite and why?