Friday, May 2, 2014

Week 34- Weather Days, Testing, & QR Codes

This week we dismissed early two days in a row for the thread of severe weather (tornado watch/warnings). Thankfully we were spared but a community in a neighboring county was hit.

We took the ACT ASPIRE test Wednesday and Thursday so I don't have a lot of fun things to tell you about. However, Friday we started learning about integers. I wrote numbers on index cards and we made a human number ling. Then we "folded" the number line at zero to show how 5 and -5 are the same distance away from zero. 

We also played math games this week. Are you familiar with the book Nimble with Numbers? You should check it out if you are looking for a good resource books with a mix of games and practice. I love how they have 1/2 pages of practice problems. We learned how to play a game this week using the order of operations. Here is a quick view of the board you use. 

In each box the players take turn writing in numbers 1-20 (you can't repeat a number). Then you use the order of operations to add, subtract, multiply, and/or divide to create equations. The answers to the equations are written in the circles. The goal is to get one or more equations that equal the same number. That's how you score points. Let's say you create 2 equations that each equal 20. You score would be 40 for that round. 

The hardest part was not being able to move the numbers once they are written in the boxes. You can add parentheses but numbers cannot be put in a different order once they are written in the box. This is a 2 player game and both players use the same board to create equations. This could be played in pairs but this week while we were learning we all played it together as a class.

We were also working on a display about synergizing to go in the glass cabinet in the front hallway of our school. I went back and printed out pictures from my blog where my students had to synergize. Each group wrote a paragraph about how they synergized during the activity in the picture. Each group then typed up their paragraph and someone recorded it. I created QR codes to go along with the work. Want to hear some of my kids explaining how they synergize in class? You can scan the QR code or I also added a link if you click on them. Listen to a few and see what you think!

Jared's Group

Once we get the cabinet completed I'll post pictures for you to see. We have two more tests to do next week and then we'll be back to regular days. 

STUDENTS: What did you think about testing this week? Which was the hardest and which one did you rock?

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