Friday, April 25, 2014

Week 33- Teacher Appreciation, Lenses, & Branches of Government

As you can see, I was completely spoiled this week during teacher appreciation week! My students and their parents sent goodies and love in all week. 

I'm sure you can also tell I love Hello Kitty!

Since Earth Day was this week I had my science classes write about how they take care of the Earth. They also completed report cards for our school and our classroom about how we do things to conserve and reuse. 

Our school has a school wide recycling program so we are doing a great job in that area!

We were also learning about concave and convex lenses. I created a visual a few years ago to help my students remember them. Here are the notes they added to their science notebooks. 

I also had my students that wear glasses hold them up in front of the projector for the Smartboard. It allowed them to see if their lenses were concave or convex. You could also tell how strong the prescription is by the size of the rings given off by the glasses.

My homeroom has been working on presentations to teach the class about branches of government. This group acted out a trial and the guilty were lead away in handcuffs.

Testing is next week and we are ready! Are you familiar with these erasers? These are the all time BEST erasers for testing! I had bought the large erasers in the past but my students would forget to use them and use the eraser on top of the pencil instead. So we discovered these Hi-Polymer Eraser Caps for the pencil! I have enough for every student in my class to put on their pencil Monday!

STUDENTS: How does using brain dumps/visuals help you remember information in math and science?

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