Sunday, April 20, 2014

Week 32- Decimal Review in Math

This week in math we were reviewing decimals. Here is my Blendspace that I created to share videos with my students.

My class had fun playing all the games I found to review decimals. 

I found Decimal Destruction in Jersey Teacher's TpT store to help my students review comparing decimals. We used colored circle tiles to mark the spaces. 

My students also competed in a math relay race at the beginning of class each day. 

Each table worked together to complete the relay race. I found that most of the time the first one finished wasn't correct. 

This helped remind my students to slow down and check their work before turning in their paper. I really liked this because each problem depended on them getting the previous answer correct. 

My homeroom started working in groups to learn about the branches of government. Each group is learning about one branch and then they will present their findings to the class. 
Here is the resource I found with these activities:

Finally, I wanted to share this gem. :) Today is my birthday and my mom gave me a basket of gifts to open all week. One of the gifts was books she kept of me growing up. This is one from my birthday book. It is a picture of me when I was in 5th grade.

STUDENTS: Would you rather play games or do worksheets to review math? Why?

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  1. THANK you for the compiled list of resources!!!!


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