Friday, April 4, 2014

Week 30- Fraction Review, 3D Shapes, & Leadership Day

This week we started with a review of fractions. Each table played a game as a team. Every table worked the problems and could "steal" the points if the table who selected the problem had the wrong answer. I loved seeing my students synergize and help each other find the mistakes they made. 

The Fraction Review Game Show, found on TpT, was a great resource and my kids were excited to solve the problems. 

Then we used QR code task cards to learn about 3D shapes. I gave each table a set of cards and they took turns scanning the code to learn about several shapes. Each student had their own chart to complete and add to their math interactive notebook.

This week we spent time preparing for our Leadership Day. Each grade level sang at our assembly and then there were student lead tours. Some students stood in the hallway to share with visitors about how we are using the 7 habits. Others shared their leadership notebooks.

This is the 5th grade display where the students wrote about their favorite habit. 

We have been making video newsletters and this is our first one with the green screen. 

I recorded our students singing our song for the MES Leadership Day. Thought I'd add the lyrics so you can sing along with us!

STUDENTS: What is your favorite habit and how do you use it often?

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