Friday, May 9, 2014

Week 35- Finished Testing & George Washington QR Codes w/7 Habits

This week we finally finished taking the ASPIRE tests! We were all happy to have that behind us.

In social studies this week our focus was on George Washington. My students used a QR code to access a website about Washington. They used the information from that site to fill in their flip book in the SS interactive notebook.

Each group worked together to find important facts to add to their flip books.

Then every group made post it notes for our poster about how Washington used the 7 Habits. 

The next day we completed a Venn diagram about George Washington and King George III and how they each used the habits. 

On Wednesday, they used another QR code to access the Rules of Civility that Washington had to copy as a student. My students picked 3 rules and wrote them in words so other students could understand what they mean. They also had to explain how each fit into a habit. 

Check out our final display for Synergize.

This is the project I shared last week! In case you missed it I'll give a quick overview. I printed pictures of my students working together in our classroom. Each group worked together to write a paragraph and one student typed it. Then another student used the iPad to record the paragraph and create a QR code that visitors can scan and hear them read the paragraph. 

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