Friday, May 30, 2014

Daily Data

Summer is here and I'm already trying to find something to do. Monday was a holiday and Tuesday was our last teacher work day. I haven't done a lot this week but I did make a file to add to Teacher Pay Teachers. I've had a few people ask about my Daily Data board that I do with my students.

I purchased sorting circles from EAI. I teach two math classes so I picked two different colors of push pins. I picked them up in the Dollar Spot at Target last year. Each class has their own colors and the buckets on the left side of the board hold those pins.

Each week I post a different question and the students use a pin to record their response on the venn diagram. One year I used number circles but with the number of students I have this year I found that the push pins worked better.

In their math journal, the students record the question and draw the venn diagram with the responses. Then we use that data to create graphs, observe trends, and make inferences. Want to check out the file? Take a look in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. 

Daily Data File

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