Sunday, February 1, 2015

Week 22- Selfies and Student Created Board #TLIM

Last weekend I saw a post on Facebook by ISTE. They were using these for students to create their own selfies. I immediately had the idea to have my students make their own selfie and then write about how they use the habits in their picture. 

So we did it!

I love seeing the way they drew themselves in the pictures. My students are so creative and they take my crazy ideas and run with it!

We also had 2 Mystery Skypes this week!

At the end of the week Rebecca made me a crown. It says World's #1 Teacher. I put it on and I told the kids it made me feel like Wonder Woman. Then I did my best Wonder Woman impression. I just needed some arm bands and an invisible plane. 

I also wanted to share the board outside the lunchroom that my students made. We are a Leader in Me school. So one thing we have been doing is allowing students to take the lead on projects at school. This is another example of giving them an idea and having them run with it! We had all 5th grade students write on an index card. They wrote something nice someone had done for them or something nice they had done for someone else (which is a win-win). I showed them the space and shared my vision. This is what they did! All I did was laminate the paper with the cards and hot glue it on the wall. This board was completely student created! 

I can't tell you how proud I am of my students!

STUDENTS: We talked about the new habit, Find Your Voice. What have we done at school (or what can we do) to help you find your voice. 


  1. We had the show and tell time Friday and Monday mornings or afternoon


  2. I loved the show & tell

  3. We've done the show & tell time Mon. and Fri.


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