Friday, February 27, 2015

Week 26- Snow, snow, snow #messnowmanchallenge

This week we had 8.1 inches of snow in Huntsville, AL. This is a rare event and we decided to have a snowman challenge. We challenged our students to build a snowman and measure the height & circumference. We gave homework passes to all who submitted an entry and special awards went to the tallest, largest circumference, most school spirit, and most creative. Take a look at the entries!

Our technology director also made a video of all the pictures from Madison County Schools that were taken in the snow! Check it out here!

STUDENTS: What was your favorite part of our snow days?


  1. My favorite part was when we didn't have to go to school!

  2. My favorite part about the snow days were that we got to have our fun in the snow , studying on and off but most of all we had a break to rest and to get powered up for school tests.

    Mrs . Smith 's Class (home room teacher)

  3. SLEDNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!��������������������

  4. My Favorite Part Was Playing In The Snow , & Making A Snowman.😋


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