Friday, February 6, 2015

Week 23- #TLIM Visits & Blood

This week we learned about the circulatory system. As part of our lesson we did a hands on activity to learn about the parts of our blood. 

I found this activity on Runde's Room and had to do it with my science classes. 

I think you can tell by looking at the pictures, but they loved it!

As we put our blood together I heard kids discussing the different parts of the blood and several said, "I get it now!" In my class we call those light bulb moments. I think we had a few during this activity. 

We also had many visitors through the school Thursday for the Leader In Me Symposium. Our school is a Leader in Me School. I love giving them a task and watching them come up with ideas 100 times better than I would ever think of! 

I had 3 students in the hallway to share things we do in the classroom with our visitors. I gave them a desk from the classroom and asked them to set up a little display for them to use. This is what they did. 

I have a photography committee in the class so they use the mini iPads and take pictures and videos when we do things inside and outside the classroom. So the display has ipads with some of those photos. The students shared the Wednesday Morning Meetings we have and also the committees they have developed. I'm planning a post soon about the amazing ideas they have come up with. The committees are working on a short video clip explaining their committee and what they do. So check back for that soon!

Then we got the news that we were selected as a Lighthouse School! We were all so excited!

STUDENTS: What is your favorite part about being a Leader In Me school? How do the habits help you in your every day life (in and out of school)?


  1. My favorite part is that I can tell my friends about it. The habits help me be able to be a good leader.

  2. My favorite part is that they can get you thinking about making plans and doing nice things for people. This can help me plan to do homework first and things like that

  3. The habits help me be kind to others. We can tell others about them.

  4. The habits help me to be organized.My favorite part is that we get to be noticed as a whole school not by just 1 person.


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