Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What is #MysterySkype?

If you haven't tried Mystery Skype with your class you have got to do it! I have only done it a few times with my class but they love it! Before we started I looked around on the Internet to get ideas of how teachers organize this. I also wanted everyone to feel included so I looked for roles for the students. I found roles for my students so I thought I'd share them with you. I didn't save the link (which I can't believe) so I'll describe the roles for you.

Researcher- Does the research using laptop to answer/ask questions
Greeter- Greets the other class and welcomes them to Mystery Skype
Sharer- Shares something interesting about our school without giving away our location
Questioner- Asks the questions
Questioner's Assistant- Runs between the researchers and the questioners
Photographer- Takes pictures
Videographer- Videos
Data Enterer- Enters answers on our Google doc
Closer- Wraps up the Skype call and says thank you
Signer- Holds up signs that say "Your Turn" or "Our Turn"
Task Master- Helps monitor everyone to make sure we stay on task
Linker- Adds links to the Google doc
Google Doc Cleaner-Upper- Makes sure the information added to the Google doc is accurate
Question Focuser- Helps to make sure the questions aren't too narrow

We have been using the yes/no answer format for our Mystery Skype sessions, Each class takes turns asking yes/no questions to help determine where the other class is located. We take turns asking one question at a time.

The next time we do Mystery Skype I'm planning to distribute the iPad minis around the room so everyone can research and help answer questions. I hope this will help with the few students I have who are off task during our session.

We are also still working on how to work the Google Doc. I created a Google account for my class and set it up on all the iPad minis. That way everyone can access the Skype file we are using for the day. Right now we are still trying to figure out how to link the information we use and organize what we learn.

I must say that this whole experience has been a great learning opportunity for myself and my students. I'm amazed every time they all put their heads together to try to determine where the other class is. When we first started talking about doing this they said I wasn't allowed to talk during the Mystery Skype because they said my accent would give us away. So from the start they have done everything. I just make the call and step back and they do it all.

Do you want to schedule a Mystery Skype with us? Let me know and maybe we can set up something. I've been doing Mystery Skype with my homeroom class. However, my 2nd class wants to start doing this too so I'm looking for classrooms who are willing to Skype with either class. If you do Mystery Skype and have tips and hints to share please feel free to do so!

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  1. I would love to set up a mystery skype with you! I have been wanting to do one with my classes for a while now and haven't been able to figure out how to get one going with someone. My school email is


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