Saturday, January 24, 2015

Week 21- Stomach Model Lab & Dividing Fractions

This week we finished up our unit on the digestive system. The kids made a stomach model. We used 1/2 of a banana and a few crackers and mushed them up in a bag. 

Then they added water with a couple of drops of food coloring. 

What resulted was our model of the stomach and the way it breaks down food for our body.

I think they were a little grossed out!

This is my favorite video for the digestive system. It shows all the yucky details and the kids love it!

We also played a math game to practice multiplying and dividing fractions.  Each group got a stack of fraction cards, a 10 sided and 4 sided dice. 

Roll the green dice- if the number is even you multiply, if it is odd you divide.
Roll the black dice to get your numbers. If you roll 1- whole number, 2-mixed number, 3 or 4- fraction. To create your mixed number roll the green dice and draw a fraction card. Create your whole number by rolling green dice. Draw a card for a fraction.  

I love seeing the groups working together to solve the math problems. 

Each group divided into 2 teams and played against each other. Everyone had to work out the problems they created because they had to check each other's answers. 

STUDENTS: What did you learn about the digestive system that you didn't already know before our unit? 


  1. I didn't know that the digestive system was so complex and how poop was made.

  2. I didn't know that it took so long for the process to happen. Also, that it so many digestion juices and organs.


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