Friday, February 7, 2014

Week 23- Leader in Me & Kid President Inspired Videos

This week we had a bunch of visitors at our school from the Leader in Me Symposium. This is 
a picture of us wearing our Leadership & choir shirts.

I thought I'd share some pictures from around our school building. We have our testing data displayed. The 5th grade has graphed test averages for math and reading.

We also have display cases in the front hallway. After we focus on a habit we add things to the display cases.

This is also located in the front hallway.

Across from there we have the school improvement wall. We have things posted like percent absences and discipline referrals. 

Quotes to Lead by is the display of favorite quotes from all the faculty and staff.

Right across the hall is the grade level display for the current habit. This is where each grade level displays some of the student work that includes the habits.

We also have a board for our WIGS.

These cute people also have the habits listed in the hall. We are super leaders so these super kids fit right in. 

This is a table 2 of my students set up. They had samples to share with the visitors.

This week in class we started my favorite science unit, chemistry! So I couldn't wait to do the first demonstration. The students observed properties of two clear liquids. When I mixed them together the turned into a solid. Informed it into a ball and they bounced it back and forth to each other..

Everyone had a chance to feel and bounce it on the table.

Once we were finished I put it in a bag and we checked back in that afternoon. The kids were amazed to find it had flattened out and it took the shape of the bag.

For the Digital Day of Learning we made a padlet to brainstorm ways to make our class more awesome. They used iPads and posted their ideas to the padlet. Once they were finished we made a video! Want to see them? Each class made a video. The students put it together using iMovie. 

STUDENTS: What have you learned so far in chemistry? What did you think about the ball we made Friday?

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  1. Our school is looking into the Leader in Me program! I am excited for us to persue it! Thanks for sharing!


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