Friday, February 28, 2014

Week 26- Chemistry, Field Trips, & Video Announcements

This week we did a few science experiments for our chemistry unit. The students had to observe the properties of 6 white powders. Then they added water and observed what happened. 

On the next day they added vinegar to those same powders. 

We'll test a few more liquids with the powders and at the end they will use the data they have collected to determine a mix of mystery powders. 

Teachers, if you ever do science experiments in your classroom you have to get these lab team roles! They are free on TpT and I love using them. Each student gets a card to assign their task for the experiment. It is a great way to keep everyone on task and involved.

Check out this picture of Jacob I found on my camera roll. You can see us meeting in small groups for math instruction in the background. Jacob solved one of the puzzles and this is the picture of him to go on the wall of fame. 

Friday we went to the Civic Center to see Sparkman High School's play, The Wizard of Oz.

After the play we went to CiCi's pizza for lunch. 

I was sad I didn't get to go bowling with my students on Tuesday. I had to go to a meeting at central office for the Technology Integration Mentors. While there I won a new Sony HD video camera. So this week I tried something new! Check out our video announcements for the week! 

Thanks to this group of students for hanging out with me for a little while after school to get our first video done after the field trip.

STUDENTS: Which field trip was your favorite and why?

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