Friday, February 14, 2014

Week 24- Snow Days & Exemplars

What did we do this week? Not a lot! We were out for 3 days because of snow. It doesn't snow much in Alabama but when it does we hibernate. The main snow storm arrived late Wednesday night and my husband went out and took a picture of the house with the snow falling. We ended up with about 4-5 inches at my house but it rained all day before the snow started so the water turned to ice quick.

So Friday we finally went back to school. We spent time working on Exemplars. These are multi step word problems that we will start using every week. I'm changing up my math instruction and this will be one of the rotations. I wanted the kids to see how to solve these problems and what I expected to see in their work.

I let the. Work with partners and we spent some time discussing how to work with someone else when solving a problem.

I also started creating charts for our data wall. I'm planning to make one for each standard and I'm using STAR data to plot the students on the chart. Each student also has their own personal data in their leadership notebook. 

Since today was Valentine's Day I also wanted to share the picture of all the goodies I received today. I must say I could feel the love!

STUDENTS: What did you find most difficult about the Exemplar problem we did today? What was the easiest part?

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