Friday, January 31, 2014

Week 22- Dividing Fractions & Super Bowl Habits

I started the week by doing my own random act of kindness. If you have ever used the bathroom at school you know the toilet paper is pretty much a step up from sand paper. So I made this little basket of Charmin for the teacher bathroom! 

We had a day where we were delayed and then we missed another day due to extreme cold. It was 7 degrees outside and we are in Alabama! That's way too cold for this southern teacher!

So when we came back to school we had a little fun. The kids created football players that represent the team they think will win the Super Bowl.

Then I had the kids write which team they think will win and which habit the football players use. These turned out really cute!

We have been learning about dividing fractions this week. So we made this flip book in our interactive notebook. You can lift the flaps where the words are and see more detailed instructions. 

My students have also been watching the Kid President videos. They love them and he is always talking about how to make the world more awesome. So the students wrote about how they can make the world more awesome.

STUDENTS: Why do you like Kid President? What can you do to make our school more awesome?


  1. We're on our 4th snow day today - on the beach in NC! This winter is too cold! We were supposed to be working on dividing fractions this week. I'm glad we missed because we'll be making your foldable next week! A great way to keep them organized!


  2. Liz here is a link to the song we used for dividing fractions.

  3. He is so funny and positive. Our school would be more awesome if we all would stay positive. Avery


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