Friday, January 17, 2014

Week 20- Mixed Numbers, MLK, & Kid President

This week we did another set of math around the room posters. These were for adding and subtracting mixed numbers. Our math coach, Mrs. Hamlett, made them!

I love these types of posters because it gets the kids up and moving around the room. They also work well together to solve the problems.

I found this really cute step by step for drawing MLK. The drawings turned out great and each was unique.

Later in the week, after we had learned more about MLK, I had them go back and write a few sentences about how he used the habits. I forgot to take pictures of the final product before I left school today so I don't have any to share. Maybe some of my students will share their sentences in the comments (for a bonus ticket).

One of my students, Emily H., created this short video for me. This tells how we used the lattice method to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators. Great job Emily!

Finally, I have to share the video I showed my students this week. Are you familiar with Kid President. This little boy is so energetic and positive. I loved seeing my students' reaction to this one. They all laughed along with him and we had a great talk about how we are all teachers.

STUDENTS: After watching the above video we talked about how we are all teachers. Explain one way you are a teacher.

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