Friday, January 3, 2014

Teacher Workroom RAK Board

We are back from Christmas break! I don't know that I can call this a week because the students were only in school one day. Since I didn't really take pictures I thought I'd share something my best friend Kelly Reasner and I did in the teacher workroom today.

We have been doing random acts of kindness with our students so we thought we'd share it with the faculty as well. So we made a RAK board in the workroom. The border was already up but we decided this is something that is going to have to be changed. But I didn't want to wait to share what we did.

On the left side of the board we posted 5 random acts of kindness teachers can do for themselves or for others. We plan to switch them out each week so we added paper clips so they can be easily changed.

Then on the right side we added some posters about random acts of kindness.

So my favorite RAK for next week is to share a music list. I have been accused of listening to music that is a little darker than what most of my co-workers listen to. So I came home tonight and typed up my list so I'm ready to post it Monday. Want to see my list?

Mrs. White’s Top 10 Playlist
10. Under and Over It- Five Finger Death Punch
9. White Rabbit- Egypt Central
8. Get Up!- Korn
7. Living Dead Girl- Rob Zombie
6. Fake It- Seether
5. I’ll Follow You- Shinedown
4. The Truth- Buckcherry
3. Pass Slowly- Seether
2. The High Road- Three Days Grace

1. One More Lie- Aranda

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