Friday, December 20, 2013

Week 18- RAK and Welcome Jack!

WE started the week with a few Random Acts of Kindness. My homeroom and Mrs. Reasner's homeroom delivered coffee and cookies to all the teachers and staff members in the building Monday morning. We wanted to show them how much we appreciate them all!

These students took the time to decorate the teacher workroom. They had a great time and seemed to be excited to be able to surprise the teachers with this random act of kindness.

Mrs. McNabb came in this week and made an ornament with us.

This is the tag that we tied on the ornament. The students added these items inside the plastic ornament.

Then they filled it up with Epson salt. It is like a mini I Spy for the Christmas tree.

We also wrote some math word problems using a price list and the 12 Days of Christmas song. 

We also played 24. Some of my students were serious about this game. On each card there are 4 numbers. They have to add, subtract, multiply, and/or divide to get 24.

We had a blast at our class Christmas party and there were lots of sweets for everyone!

The week wrapped up with our class gaining a new "student" named Jack. Jack is Dylan's service dog and alerts when Dylan's blood sugar gets too high or too low. We are looking forward to having Jack in our class every day!

I hope everyone has a wonderful break and a safe holiday!


  1. I have never heard of the game 24 - I have to check it out - I think it would be great for helping with facts and problem solving.

    I loved that game too.
    I'm really gonna miss it over vacation!
    I hope I can teach my mom and dad how to play RIGHT!


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