Friday, July 29, 2016

The Pencil Grip Review & Giveaway

The Pencil Grip sent me 3 of their pencil grips to try and a set of Kwik Stix!

After trying out these pencil grips, I learned I've been holding my pen/pencil wrong all these years. I use my ring finger to prop my pen/pencil on! Let me tell you though, I love these pencil grips. They are so soft and make it nice to hang on to your pencil.

Take a look at them!

Have you seen the Kwik Stix Tempera Paint Sticks? These things are amazing. They are made so they are in a tube that roll up, similar to a glue stick. This makes it a mess free project when you want to paint a picture.

The paint on the paper is a little sticky for just 90 seconds, then it is dry! No more laying papers out all around the classroom to wait for the paint to dry.

I am not an artist but I painted a smiley face to try them out and I'm in love with the Kwik Stix!

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  1. Do the paint stiix dry out like a marker does or does it last like a container of paint does?

  2. I love how bright the Kwik Stix look! Thanks for the review and for sharing this awesome blog!


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