Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week 11- Student Lead Conferences & Data

I thought I'd share a new board I've recently added in my classroom. I love the National Geographic Weird But True books. I created a board where I can share those facts with my students. I have also added a joke at the bottom of this board. 

I've also been graphing our attendance and math test data. I showed this board back before school started but this is how I've displayed the graphs. I've been using the web site This is a great site that makes creating graphs easy! If you are graphing data in your classroom and haven't seen this site you have to take a look!

Wednesday we had student lead conferences. Our students each have a leadership notebook where they graph their test data for reading and math. 

We had a great turn out and parents loved hearing from their children about how they are doing in school. 

I love using lamps in my classroom and I've added 2 more this week. I now have 6 lamps in the room and we don't turn the overhead lights on very often. The students love that I never turn the lights on. 

I had to share a success story from this week. One of my students noticed another struggling with long division this week. So when we were doing small group rotations he asked if he could help his classmate. They worked together and he showed her the way he divides. I'm happy to report that she made a 100 on her math test Friday! They were both super excited and so was I. I love seeing my students help each other. 

I also wanted to share a picture I took this weekend. All my students know how much I love insects. I'm probably the only teacher they know who is excited to get new bugs in ziploc bags! I went to take out the trash at home today and look at this gigantic bug I found. I didn't put him in a bag, instead I just got the camera with the macro lens and took this shot. 

STUDENTS: What did you learn this week? Were you able to help someone else learn something new?


  1. I improved on my long division.


  2. I still can't believe the the first Thanksgiving is actually the Plymouth colony!

  3. i am learning how 2 devid desimals and i helped jordan on it today



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