Saturday, October 18, 2014

Week 10- Roanoke, Important Questions, & Padlet

We have been exploring the different theories about what happened to the Roanoke colony. 

Student have been working together to explore those theories and we will be discussing which they believe might have happened. Every year my students are amazed that no one really knows what happened to the colonists. They always say, "OK, so what really happened?"

I found the Roanoke: Cold Case Investigation on TpT and that's what we have been using. 

After watching the Kid President videos I posted last week, I had my students answer the important questions that could change the world. 

What are you not okay with?

What do you have?

What can we do about it?

Each Wednesday our school has a classroom community meeting time. We discuss concerns of students and talk about what we can do to change things. So my plan is to discuss some of these issues and have the students develop a plan to figure out what we can do about what they are not okay with.

I created a Padlet for my science classes to use in order to keep all their notes digitally. We make interactive notebook pages but this is another option, in case they forget their notebook at school. Please take a minute to see what we've added so far.

Layer of the Earth Padlet

STUDENTS: What are you not okay with? What do you think our class can do about it?


  1. i am not okay w/ there being home less people . i think that we can ask Mt. Zion 2 help our cause and help to try to get them lots of food and clothes and shoes

  2. get them books { this is conteued from my other comment}

  3. I am not ok the there are people who have served our country but still lost their home! I am also not ok that there are people who don't have the warmth every human being deserves!
    We can spread the word through social media site or apps, buy (it could be used but not worned out) new jackets, hats, umbrella (for the rain), ect.

  4. We can also donate money to the lost veterans!!

  5. people that drink alchol and smoke. we can put signs up round the school campaining not to drink and smoke.
    from Abby


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