Saturday, September 27, 2014

Week 8- Newton's Laws Stations & Explorer Day

This week we have been learning about Newton's Law of Motion. I love sharing this video with my students because it helps them connect the laws to the world. 

I also found this song for the laws that I shared with my classes.

At the end of the week we were ready for our stations to help learn more about the laws. I love these stations from Focus Learning Resources on TpT.

My favorite station is where the students have 2 eggs, one raw and one boiled. They have to use Newton's 1st Law of Motion to figure out which is which. 

Friday was a 1/2 day for students so the 5th grade had Explorer Day. Our students dressed as explorers and Native Americans. They all brought things to trade and had a great time!

STUDENTS: We have played Kahoot several times now. Do you like playing the game? Why or why not? It is something you would like to continue playing?


  1. Yes. It is exciting. I want to continue playing.

  2. Yes, I like how it tests your speed and knowledge. I would like to keep playing!!

  3. Yes, I like playing the Kahoot because it test your skills against others which makes it exciting!
    I do hope we get to keep playing. Also I could have won Kahoot (the one who had to deal with Newton"s Law of Motion) IF I had a second head with me!!!

  4. Yes because it is a fun way to review for tests and things like that. I would like to continue playing it too.

    -David Dorough#3

  5. I like the newton's laws videos,and they help me with my studying a lot!!!

    -Emma Whited

  6. I love using kahoot because it is helpful for reviews


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