Friday, August 22, 2014

Week 3- Heart Maps, Posters, & Videos

We started the week with #geniushour. My students worked on finishing their heart maps and deciding what their passions are. I also had them begin choosing that they would like to learn more about.

We also used my favorite reading strategy, Keep It or Junk It during our social studies lesson this week. I was so impressed with one of my groups that I asked them to create a video explaining how they did it. 

This is the first time they have used this strategy and I was super impressed with their answers. Check out their video explaining the strategy.

We also took some time to share our place value math posters with each other. 

I had some really creative posters and I'll try to remember to take some more pictures next week to share. 

We finished up the week by starting our unit on energy in science. I have started having students come up with hand motions to go with what we are learning so they can remember it easier. Here are the hand motions my class (Mrs. Smith's homeroom) came up with. I told them we would have to create a video so I didn't confuse the two classes. 

I overheard one of my students saying this school year was already flying by. I love hearing things like that because time flies when you're having fun!

My kids also told me I have OHKD, obsessive Hello Kitty disorder. They are learning how much I love Hello Kitty and Jakob came up with that new disorder.

STUDENTS: Share what you know about energy. What do you want to learn about energy? Answer these questions to earn a ticket for the good job jar.


  1. What I want to know about energy is when did we first find and use energy to help us work and do our jobs. I also want to know what makes energy. I know that energy is a force.

    Katie Rucker White

  2. I know that energy is a type of force, and it can provide us light, heat, and can help power machines. I want to learn how energy is formed and how we learned how to use it.

    Sophia Nguyen White

  3. I know that energy includes the microscope. What I want to know how energy helps us in our daily lives & what people will come up with next that uses energy

  4. I want to learn how energy is made and how light is created with energy.

  5. I know the sun gives off a lot of energy and I want to learn more about solar energy.

  6. I know that energy is used to power things we use in our daily lives. I would like to learn about different forms of energy.
    Taylor Guess

  7. Kyndal Miller:
    "I know energy cannot be made or destroyed & can make an object's shape & temperature.
    I would like to know if we could survive without energy?"

  8. Austin Miller:
    "I know plants get their energy from the sun.
    I would like to know how much energy it takes to light a lightbulb."

  9. I know that energy can change an objects motion,shape,etc
    I would love to learn more ways to use energy
    ~ Abby

  10. I learned that energy can change an object's shape motion and temperature. I want to learn more about all the other energies instead of potential and kinetic energy

    Dilay Aygun


Thank you for your comments. Students, make sure to answer the question of the week to earn your ticket for the good job jar. If you have trouble posting your comment just e-mail it to me and I'll post it for you.