Friday, September 14, 2012

Week 4- Mission Statement Complete

This week we learned about Habit 1: Be Proactive. We used to brainstorm ideas and develop our class mission statement. I took pictures each day so you could see how we were able to work on and create our mission statement.

Why We Come to School

We started by listing the reasons we come to school. The following day we grouped those reasons (using color) and then added why it is important to do those things.

Why We Come to Schooledit

Finally, today we used our 3 color groups to create our mission statement.

Why We Come to School final

Our class mission statement: In Mrs. White's class, we are working become better people, to have fun with friends while learning, and to get a good education so we can be successful in everything we do. I was so proud of them for writing such a wonderful mission statement!

Girls vs boys

We learned about proactive and reactive people. So we had a race (girls vs. boys) to list as many things we could think of that these people would say. The boys (proactive) won the race but both groups did a great job!

Daily data

Daily Data is becoming a part of our daily routine. This week we voted for plain or peanut M&Ms. We then used this data to create a graph, determine who might be interested in this data, and determined another daily data question for later.


We used poppers to explore kinetic and potential energy. The kids measured the height of the popper when it started on different surfaces: tile, cardboard, and carpet.


Our reading story this week was Island of the Blue Dolphins. One of our vocabulary words was kelp so we tried some before the test.

Roasted seaweed

As you can see, it was not a hit with most students. There were a few who liked it but not many.


Trying seaweed


Math board

We have also been using a math wall each day. I didn't think to take a picture of it before I erased it to prepare for next week. On the top right we create all he arrays we can for the target number of the day. We have also been adding cups to our gallon. We also learned the Big G to remember the number of cups, pints, and quarts in a gallon.

The Dinosaur Stomp was a popular brain break this week. I made this iMovie trailer to show the kids the video of them doing this. Everyone had a good laugh and I thought I'd share. If you want to try this at home or with your students I've added the video below.

STUDENTS: This week we worked on Habit 1: Be Proactive. Tell me something you learned and what you plan to do in order to become a proactive person.


  1. I learning proactive by learning to become proactive.

  2. I learned to be proactive by putting my clothes out at night so I do not miss the bus. By Jaheim Hankins

  3. I learned to be proactive by putting my clothes out at night so I do not miss the bus. By Jaheim Hankins

  4. I set the table without being asked

  5. i learned to do something when i get it not at the last minute

  6. I learn that you shouldn't blame others of your actions

  7. I leaned to do something before I'm asked to do it.

  8. I just love reading your blog! Your class came up with a wonderful mission statement.

    The kids' pictures (after eating kelp) were so funny!

    I noticed you have some cute polka-dotted Writes Traits posters on your wall. Do you have a link to those? I'd love to print some for my classroom.

    Finally, how did you create the iMovie? I've never done video editing, so I know very little about it. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Dont tell anyone that you made there day bad

  10. Every night I pack my bookbag and pick clothes for school.

  11. I have learned that when you tell a lie after a lie you get in a lot of trouble

  12. i will not blame other peaple for my actions

  13. Hi Michelle,
    I am one of your newest followers and I teach 5th grade in NY. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas and I look forward to your posts. Can you explain a little more about your math wall and where you got the blacklines to use?
    Many thanks and I look forward to your posts each week.


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