Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week 2

This week we continued reading about how to keep a writer's notebook. Ask your child about writing small. We aren't talking about the size of the print! We also starting working on "Show, Don't Tell."

Our class also learned how to do a squiggle, which we will do during Work on Writing for Daily 5. You roll a letter die to choose your letter. Then you must draw a picture with that letter in it and write a story about it. We had several great squiggles this week. I even drew a squiggle, Carrot Man, and wrote a story.

The week ended by saving Fred. Fred is a worm that loves to go out on his boat. However, Fred can't swim and he hates wearing his life preserver. Fred's boat capsized and the life jacket was under the boat. Fred was stuck on top of the boat. The students had to use the steps of the scientific method to figure out a way to save Fred by putting on his life jacket using only 4 paper clips (no hands). Fred couldn't fall in the water (desk top). Every group was successful, however, some had to rethink the steps they were using to rescue Fred. Here are a few pictures of the Fred rescue.

Students: This week post what you wrote about this week during writing time. You can share your writing from the squiggle, writing small, or show don't tell. You don't need to type exactly what you wrote (but can if you want to). Just share enough for us to get an idea of what you wrote about.


  1. Omgosh! I love your layout! It is so cute!

    Ms. Patterson
    Pocket Full of Kinders

  2. My squiggle was about a gnome that no one liked so he had to try to get a girl friend, when he tried to tell her that he loved her, to his surprise she ran to him and said she loved him and then every one was nice to them because she was the only girl.

  3. This is my squiggle once there was a whale he was very fat he ate to much.Well,one day a shark came by and made fun of him this upset the whale,so he never ate until his friend cheered him up.

    The End

  4. My show don't tell was about music. No one has ever heard about music in Bluewater city. It is a very small city where no one has ever danced nor sang, until a young boy discovered a very catchy tune with his hands and feet during science class.

  5. My squiggle was about a vicious snake and when he's not doing that he's a show snake.

  6. My squiggle was about spider mans mug of joe that he dropped and....... thats all for right now

  7. Aviana H said...My squiggle was about a rich spider that has kids and brage's on his self.

  8. could i get some specifics on the worm lesson? how did you set up etc?


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