Friday, September 2, 2011

Week 3

This week we had a lot of fun in science! First, we did a helicopter experiment using the scientific method. The kids cut out their helicopters and tried to figure out a way to make it spin faster. Of course they had to stand in the chair to make sure it had plenty of room to drop to the floor. It was so funny to see their faces when I told them to stand in the chair! Guess that has never happened before.
Next week we will be having helicopter races so we will see who came up with the best plan of action for speeding up the paper helicopter.

We also started our energy unit. We learned about potential and kinetic energy. Make sure to ask your child the difference between the two. Friday we had another experiment to complete.

The kids used bouncy balls and measured the bounce height of the ball dropped from different heights.

Students, here is your question to answer this week: Did the height of the drop effect the bounce? And how did this relate to energy?

Megan M. snapped a few pictures today and I've added a few of them on the blog. Looks like I'm not the only one always taking pictures.

Finally, I had to share this silly story. Someone was super excited Tuesday when Emma had her lunch brought down in a giant paper sack. He obviously talked her into giving it to him. At recess I see this child walking around with a paper bag on his head. Of course, I had to take a picture when we returned to the room. Do you know who this is? He has a big smile on his face!

We are having a great time in class!. Students have been doing a lot of writing and I have seen some great things. Some students are even working together to create their own comic books. The students have earned 4 brownie points for their good behavior. Keep up the good work guys!


  1. When you dropped the ball at 100cm it bounced high but when you did it at 50cm it went a little lower.Well when you are about drop it has potentail energy the higher you take the ball up the more potentail energy it has but when you bounce it turns into kinetic energy.

  2. this week i had a lot of fun i,velearned about potential and kinetic energy.

  3. It is becase the higher the ball is the more potential energy because how high it was and the more potential energy it has the more kinetic energy it has.

  4. The higher the ball went the higher it bounced causing it to have more kinetic energy and when you hold it in the air it causes potential energy the higher you hold it up

  5. First Question:The height of the drop did effect the bounce.Second Question:It relates to energy because when you hold the ball it has potential energy,when you release the ball it has kinetic energy.

  6. yes,because kinetic energy because kinetic is in motion potential is stored energy

  7. yes, because when you drop the ball it bounces thats kinetic energy.

  8. Yes, the height of drop effected to bounce of the ball. It is potential energy when you hold a ball and it is kinetic energy when you drop the ball.

  9. leighanna :) :) :) :)September 5, 2011 at 7:55 PM

    i love to do science experiments i am so happy i got you see you tommrow!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

  10. When the ball was at 100cm it bounced high, but at 50cm it bounced low. When the ball isn't moving it has stored it energy so it is potential energy,but when the ball is moving it is kinetic energy.


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