Friday, April 17, 2015

Week 32- ASPIRE Testing

This week we started and completed most of our ASPIRE testing. We only have 1 test left to take next week. I saw this great idea about writing positive messages for the students on the sidewalk so I bought some sidewalk chalk and recruited a little help.

We wrote positive notes for the students on the bus circle sidewalk, car rider sidewalk, and front entrance sidewalk.

We started each testing day with a piece of chewing gum and a little yoga. Here is a peek at Darby leading us in yoga this week. She went with a little more ambitious poses than I do. 

Our wonderful parents sent snacks in for each testing day. We had these once we successfully completed a testing day. I sent home a schedule of days/snacks. We had some great treats this week!

We wrapped up Friday with a half day and #TLIM Leadership Club day. I lead dance club and we had a great time dancing the whole time. Then the teachers brought lunch for us to have a get together and have a Mexican Fiesta. Yum!

 My principal, Dr. Davis, and my student teacher, Ms. Jordan were twins this week and they stopped me to take their picture. This is our last week with Ms. Jordan and we are really going to miss her when she leaves us. We do wish her all the best and I know she will be a fantastic teacher and can't wait for her to get her own classroom and share her success stories! She's willing to try all my crazy ideas!

STUDENTS: Which test do you think was the easiest? Why?

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  1. For me the English/Writing was the least hardest so far because, the English (Language Arts) was just reading through and remembering the rules plus we didn't have to write anything & the writing was pretty even with the English (Language Arts) because I was given the privilege to give my own thought but also argue (which was fun to me) with another side!


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